Academics recognised for their contribution to the School of Architecture, Design and Planning.
NameTitleEmail address
Ben CorrAssistant Lecturer
Andy De CarteretAssistant Lecturer
Jason De La MarrAssistant Lecturer
Ivan Del RenzioAssistant Lecturer   
Michael Holms-CoatsAssistant Lecturer
Lee JessonAssistant
Tanya KalininaAssistant
Georgios LoizosAssistant Lecturer
James McAdamAssistant Lecturer
Joanne MerryAssistant Lecturer
Rebecca MuirheadAssistant Lecturer
Patrick O'KeeffeAssistant Lecturer
Julia RatcliffeAssistant Lecturer   
Nathaniel SeallAssistant Lecturer
Paul SimmsAssistant
Tom SweetAssistant Lecturer
Hooman TalebiAssistant Lecturer
John TarbattAssistant Lecturer 

Oliver WatsonAssistant
Ben WoodAssistant
Matthew WoodthorpeAssistant Lecturer

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