Making friends at Kent

Making friends

A big part of starting uni is making new friends. When you arrive at Kent, you’ll get plenty of help from the University and Kent Union.

Buddy schemes at Kent

There's a range of buddy schemes at Kent to help you make friends and create a support network. These buddy schemes include:

  • Kent Union has a buddy scheme for both undergrads and postgrad students. The scheme helps you make friends based on hobbies and interests. You can join the scheme before you start or at any point during your studies.
  • Student Support and Wellbeing run Walking Buddy and Coffee Buddy to help you make friends by either walking together or having a chat over a coffee. 
  • Wellbeing Cafe is a regular event you can join to make new friends in a group setting on campus.
  • Unibuddy is a way you can speak to other Kent students before you arrive at Kent and ask current students any questions you might have.

Download Umii to make new friends at Kent

We have signed up with Umii to make it even easier for you to make new friends at Kent. 

Umii is for all Kent students, whether you are a new or returning students. 

Only verified users can access the app, so you can be sure who you’re connecting with is a real student at your uni. This means you will need to use your Kent email address to register with Umii. For new students, you will need to enrol online to get your Kent email address.