Interactive parking map (Canterbury)

Hover your mouse over each parking area to learn more information about parking zone, capacity, accessible bays and motorcycle bays. On a mobile device you may need to select the area to bring up the information.

Map of Canterbury campus
Sports Centre pay and display Giles Lane Estates Central visitors Oaks Pavilion Beverley Farm Turing Rothford Monkswell Careers Keynes Eliot Becket Court Sports Centre blue zone Darwin Darwin road Tyler Court Rutherford Woolf Jennison Sibson Chipperfield Bossenden/Stock Courts Nickle/Kemsdale Courts Purchas Court 17 to 34 Hothe Court Denstead Court Ellenden Court Homestall/Grimshill Court Clowes Court Willows Court Marley Court Thornden Court Registry Tudor Court Farthings Court 1-15 & 27-30 Closed due to building works Grimond Behind Jarman Cornwallis Denstead Court Rear Purchas Court 1 to 16 Lypeatt Court 11 to 28 Lypeatt Court 1 to 10 Lypeatt Court 29 to 33 Grimshill/Thornden Court Bishopden Court 1-8 & 17-20 Bishopden Court 9-16 Farthings Court 16-26 Top of path Rutherford rear Tyler Court rear Turing rear Sports Centre Road Sports Centre Road (cont) Woolf Quad Library road

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