Wilder Blean Bison Mural

In July 2022 European Bison were released into the Blean forest which is on the doorstep of the Canterbury campus. This remarkable and exciting project was celebrated at the University with the creation of a beautiful Bison mural next to the Gulbenkian on central campus.
A mural of a European Bison painted at the Unviersity of Kent

The mural celebrates the Wilder Blean Project, a ground-breaking initiative by Kent Wildlife Trust and the the Wildwood Trust which aims to restore biodiversity to the Blean Woods with Bison acting as ecosystem engineers. 

The Bison Mural marks the start of a wider wildlife art project across Canterbury currently in development and was painted by artist ATM Street Art throughout the week before the unveiling event. 

The official launch took place at the Canterbury campus on the 1st July which was organised by the Canterbury Biodiversity Network Steering Group and the University's Sustainability team. It took place at the Gulbenkian, with speakers from the University, Kent Wildlife Trust, the Wildwood Trust and Canterbury Society explaining more about the project.

On 17th July the European Bison were released into the Blean (see video below) and now begins the research into how these gentle giants can transform our woodlands through their natural behaviour, and the knock on effects for other wildlife. Please click the links below to learn more about the project.

A big thank you to all the partners that made the mural happen, including the University of Kent, Canterbury Biodiversity Network, Kent Wildlife Trust, Wildwood and the Canterbury Society. A special thank you to the funders of the mural: Phillip Pothen, Director of Engagement at the University, the Sustainability Team and Counsellors Alister Brady and Rob Thomas from Kent County Council, and Counsellors Dan Smith and Barbara Flack from Canterbury City Council.

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Bison released into the Blean

Watch the moment the Bison were released and hear from staff from Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood.

The creation of the mural

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