Information for Mentors

Mentors provide an informal induction to university for new students, and support them to develop the specific study skills they will need for their course.

Mentors are usually from the same course as the mentees and are trained to ensure they can handle the range of questions and emotions which students may go through as they experience university life.

The role of the mentors is to:

  • Meet face-to-face or online on a regular basis 
  • Facilitate study discussion and practice 
  • Keep a record of mentoring interaction 
  • Sign-post support services

The kinds of support mentors offer are:

  • Share tips and advice on university life 
  • Help with time management and organisation 
  • Subject-specific study skills support 
  • Sign-post support and resources

How does it work?

  • Apply to be a mentor and complete your training on Moodle
  • Your school will match you with your mentee(s)
  • You can work with your mentee(s) 1:1 or in a group
  • Meet up regularly to check in with your mentee(s) 
  • Answer queries, discuss study issues and advice, or signpost students to further support
  • Keep a record of your meetings
  • Get rewarded with a certificate, Employability Points, and recognition on your Higher Education Achievement Record


SLAS provides compulsory training and additional development and resources via Moodle to prepare you to become a mentor. There is also a weekly drop-in session which provides ongoing support and a chance to share ideas with fellow mentors.


As a mentor, you will gain invaluable skills and experience to enhance your CV and stand out to prospective employers. You also provide a vital service to your fellow students. This is rewarded in the following ways: 

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