Succeed in SSPSSR is an innovative new opportunity for undergraduate offer holders in the School of Social Policy, Sociology, and Social Research (SSPSSR). If you hold an offer for Criminology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Health and Social Care or Criminal Justice and Criminology*, and many of our Joint Honours combinations, Succeed in SSPSSR is your path to securing your place at Kent and excelling as a student.
Succeed in SSPSSR

If you sign up to Succeed in SSPSSR and accept Kent as Firm choice with UCAS, as a sign of our confidence in your future success at Kent we will accept you at two grades below the offer you have been made (up to a maximum of 16 UCAS points - please note, your initial offer will not change). Where a qualification doesn’t attract UCAS points, your commitment to Succeed in SSPSSR will be taken into consideration should you narrowly miss the conditions of your offer.  

Signing up for Succeed in SSPSSR means you commit to taking part in our cocurricular WriteRight module in your first year. WriteRight is a supportive study skills module that will ensure you are well placed to succeed at Kent and to maximise your academic potential.

To sign up for Succeed in SSPSSR, please complete the form below. Please ensure that you provide the same name and email address used when you applied (to ensure we can identify you correctly)

*Please note that due to the professional nature of the programme, the BA in Social Work is not included in the Succeed in SSPSSR initiative. Joint Honours combinations with Law are also not included, although offer holders for these programmes can take part in Prepare for Law, which offers similar benefits (including the commitment to acceptance at lower grades)

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