Jennie Bristow

Visiting Research Fellow. Centre for Parentinig Culture Studies
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 Jennie Bristow


Jennie Bristow is a Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Parenting Culture Studies, working with Dr Ellie Lee.

She is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University and a writer and commentator on the new generation wars. 

Research interests

Jennie’s research focuses on generations, education, and parenting culture. 'Baby Boomers and Generational Conflict' (2015) develops Mannheim’s approach to the sociology of knowledge to explore how the Baby Boomer generation is defined and discussed in policy and media discourse, and why the Boomers appear to have become scapegoats for a range of social problems in the present day. 'The Sociology of Generations: New directions and challenges' (2016) extends this analysis to explore contemporary debates about education, parenting, social policy, and intimate life. 

Jennie is co-author (with Ellie Lee, Charlotte Faircloth and Jan Macvarish) of 'Parenting Culture Studies' (2014); and (with Frank Furedi) of 'Licensed to Hug' (2010, 2nd edition). She is also author of 'Standing Up to Supernanny' (2009), a short critique of contemporary parenting culture.

More detail about her writing and current research is posted at 

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