Portrait of Dr Caroline Chatwin

Dr Caroline Chatwin

Reader in Criminology
Director of Education, SSPSSR


Dr Chatwin is a Reader in Criminology and the Director of Education for the School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research (SSPSSR). Her research mainly focuses around global drug policy, new psychoactive substances, and the experience of imprisonment. She teaches level 6 optional modules on illegal drugs and the sociology of imprisonment. 

Research interests

Much of Dr Chatwin's research focuses on European and global drug policy making. It considers the desirability and viability of global approaches to drug policy and aims to provide policy makers with useful strategies to achieve more effective drug policies. 

In recent years, Dr Chatwin has focused on the development of new psychoactive substances (NPS) and the policies that have been implemented to address this issue. Her work aims to bring together the scholarship and experience of a variety of actors and emphasises the similarities between the developing NPS situation and the wider drugs field. 

Dr Chatwin's most current research surrounds the link between prison and education and the wider field of resettlement.  


Dr Chatwin convenes popular level 6 modules in the fields of drugs and imprisonment and contributes to criminology teaching throughout the degree programme. Since 2016, she has also convened a level 6 module – The Inside-Out prison exchange programme – which involves taking University students into HMP Swaleside to be taught alongside some of the men who are imprisoned there. The module is an innovative opportunity for students to participate in some experiential leaning and to acquire a different perspective of the criminal justice system.


Recent editorial

Media appearances 

  • Podomatic - Shamanic Freedom Radio episode 79: Caroline Chatwin and William Rowlandson at Breaking Convention, and a monologue about the England riots
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