Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott

Honorary Lecturer


Dr Fiona Gullon-Scott is a Consultant Psychologist and an HCPC registered clinical psychologist with 20 years experience working clinically with and researching autism spectrum disorders.  

Dr Gullon-Scott fronts her own consultancy which provides diagnostic and training services relating to autism spectrum across the age range and in all walks of life. As an International Trainer for ADOS, ADOS-2 and ADI-R she has travelled all around the World as well as widely throughout the UK, delivering training and providing consultancy to various groups, including the Singapore Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education, Sendai Health Service and the University in Japan, and autism services in Malta, Portugal, Hungary to name but a few.

Following a doctorate at the Institute of Psychiatry and a lectureship at the University of Greenwich, Dr Gullon-Scott spent 7 years at the University of Cambridge Autism Research Centre and since her departure from there in 2005, has retained Honorary Visiting Academic status with the ARC throughout the last 9 years. Her research interests include imagination and reasoning in autism, epidemiology and screening of autism spectrum and asperger syndrome, and currently developing research into screening for asperger syndrome in females. During her academic career she has published many articles and book chapters, developed a DVD on asperger syndrome, been involved with the All Party Parliamentary Group for autism, the National Initiative for Assessment and Screening in Autism, a Department of Health report on Asperger Syndrome, many television, radio and newspaper articles on autism spectrum conditions and reviewed and refereed for many journals.

Dr Gullon-Scott is also a member of the Society of Expert Witness and a Senior Associate with the Royal Society of Medicine.

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