Portrait of Professor Jane Wood

Professor Jane Wood

Emeritus Professor of Forensic Psychology
Chartered Forensic Psychologist


Emeritus Professor Jane Wood is a Professor of Forensic Psychology, Chartered Forensic Psychologist and HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist.

Research interests

  • Prison gang activity
  • Street gang formation and activity
  • Bullying in prison and schools
  • Public opinion of criminal justice
  • Trauma/Mental health links with offending
  • Group offending
  • Polygraph testing in the management of individuals convicted or suspected of offences 


Past research students

  • Hayley Beresford: Trauma exposure and mental illness in gang-affiliated youth: An exploratory study. School of Psychology Scholarship, University of Kent, UK.
  • Jaimee Mallion: Application of the Good Lives Model to Street Gang Members. School of Psychology Scholarship, University of Kent, UK.
  • Dr Tara Dickens: An examination of the psychological pathway of men who cause severe physical harm to children. School of Psychology Scholarship, University of Kent, UK.    
  • Dr Anita Ruddle: Why we harm the ones we love: Predictive Factors of Domestic Violence Perpetration. School of Psychology Scholarship, University of Kent, UK.    
  • Dr Emma Alleyne: Gang membership: An exploration of the psychological characteristics
  • Dr Sarah Frisby-Osman: Violent thugs or vulnerable youth? Reshaping how we think of gang members: An examination into their emotional and mental health needs
  • Dr Mark James: Understanding gang membership: Developing theory and applications
  • Dr Katarina Mozova: Towards a social psychology framework of youth group membership: An exploratory study


  • Full member of the Division of Forensic Psychology, British Psychological Association
  • Registered member of the Health and Care Professions Council

Grants and Awards

2017 J Wood (PI), T Gannon (Co-I), C Ó Ciardha (Co-I) & E Alleyne (Co-I) 
The Police and Crime Commissioner for Cumbria
"Evaluating polygraph use for managing sexual offenders and suspects in five police areas"
1.7.17 to 30.6.19
2015 J Wood (PI)
Kent Police & NHS
“Evaluation of Neighbourhood response panels”
Kent police. July, 2015-July, 2016
2010 T Gannon, J Wood, A Pina & E Vasquez
Ministry of Justice
"Evaluation of mandatory polygraph supervision with sexual offenders"
£324, 417
2010 J Wood
Kent Probation
"The IOM 'Through the Gate' Project for Short-term Prisoners (Under 12 month sentences), Statutory and Non-statutory Probation offenders in Kent & Medway" 
30.09.10 to 31.03.11
£28, 525
2009 J Wood
Kent Probation, Kent Drug and Alcohol Action Team 
"Integrated services for managing prolific offenders: a longitudinal perspective"
2008 J Wood
"Judging offenders: the role of observers' emotions"
2007 J Wood
Kent and Medway Resettlement Programme
2003-04 J Wood
H M Prison Service, Canterbury
Kent and Medway Resettlement Programme
2003 J Wood
H M Prison Service 
2001 J Wood
Esme Fairburn Charitable Trust 


  • HCPC Registered Forensic Psychologist
  • Member of Editorial Board, British Journal of Forensic Practice
  • Managing Editor for Psychology, Crime and Law
  • Lead Editor - Wood, J., Gannon, T. A., (2008). Public Opinion and Criminal Justice. Willan Publishing.
  • Lead Editor - Wood, J. L., & Giles, H. (2014) Special Issue: Gangs: Group and intergroup dimensions. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 17(6), 701-832

Editorial Duties

  • 2017 – present - Editorial Board Member, Trauma Violence & Abuse.
  • 2017 – present - Editorial Board Member, Adolescent Psychiatry.
  • 2012 – 2018 - Managing Editor: Psychology Crime and Law.
  • 2010 – present - Editorial Board Member, Journal of Forensic Practice.
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