Dr Chris Lynch

Lecturer in Physics and Astrophysics,
Public Engagement Coordinator,
Student Experience Coordinator
Dr Chris Lynch


Dr Chris Lynch obtained his BSc in Physics with Subsid. Maths at the University of Reading in 1988. He went on to spend many years as an ICT professional working mainly on database development for government, education and high-tech manufacturing organisations, in the course of which he obtained MSc’s in Computer Science at the University of Kent and Scientific Computing at the University of Greenwich.

Eventually, Chris returned to the University of Kent to study for his PhD in Physics, graduating in 2018 after submitting his thesis on “The numerical modelling of scenarios for the Herbig-Haro Object HH30”.

Chris has made substantial contributions to the delivery of undergraduate teaching and supervision of practical work in the Physics laboratories at all levels. He also runs supplementary mathematics workshops and has assisted on the module on data analysis techniques in astronomy and planetary science.

Research interests

Dr Chris Lynch's interests focus on discrete numerical computer simulation of outflows from young stellar objects and in particular characteristics of outflows from orbiting objects and multiple outflow interactions, and prediction of observational signatures by synthetic imaging.

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