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  • Event:



  • Person: author : Atkyns, Samuel, Mr.
  • Date: 1850
  • Brief description: Pictorial poster advertising "the grand drama of THE GUERRILLAS, or, THE STORMING OF ST. SEBASTIAN."
  • Identifier: UKC-POS-UNKUNKNOWN.0599550
  • Theatre: Bower Saloon & Lambeth & London & England
  • Subject keyword: drama & battles & war & guerillas

Further Details

  • Accession Number: 0599550
  • Event:



  • Content note: Subtitle: The storming of St. Sebastian
  • Associated people: author : Atkyns, Samuel, Mr.
  • Content place: & St. Sebastian & & Spain
  • Description level: 4
  • Language: English
  • Material type: poster, pictorial
  • Identity code: UKC/POS/UNK UNKNOWN : 0599550
  • Location: wall, Special Collections Room
  • Notes:

    Illustrated with five scenes from the play, in black and white, on a red background. These scenes include: a soldier with a sword at his throat; two soldiers struggling with a flag; three people being threatened by soldiers; a woman tending to a man on the battlefield at night; and a swordfight.

    No theatre is mentioned on the poster. No date is mentioned, but the play was written by S. Atkyns in 1848. The poster probably accompanies UKC/POS/LDN LAM : 0599553, which advertises the play "Guerillas" at the Bower Saloon, Lambeth, May 1850, as both the poster and the playbill are printed in black and red ink, and the illustrations on the poster are in the style of Bower playbills of the period.

  • Part: Playbill Collection
  • Condition: 2
  • Dimensions: 403 x 340 mm
  • Medium: red and black ink on paper
  • Physicaldescript summary: small holes in corners; mounted on white paper in a pine frame
  • Date: 1850
  • Theatre: Bower Saloon & Lambeth & London & England
  • Repository: Special Collections, University of Kent at Canterbury

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