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Weatherill Papers: parliamentary papers 1

Files on particular issues, drafts of speeches and newspaper clippings, articles featuring Weatherill in his various positions of office. See also parliamentary papers 2.


Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - Files

Accession code: WEA/PP M

Following the General Election in May 1979 when the Conservative Party was voted into office, Weatherill was appointed as Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker. He held this post until the next General Election in June 1983.

The surviving files for this period resemble the later 'engagement files' and contain a variety of material relating to Weatherill's personal and business life as well as his political one. One of the files covers the whole of his period in office as the Chairman of Ways and Means and appears to be a series of useful documents about his duties, particularly those of the Deputy Speaker. Otherwise the files are in rough chronological order and apparently chance survivals rather than systematically compiled.

5 files, covering the period 1979-1983

Accession no.DescriptionDate
WEA/PP M1 Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - General File

This file contains lists of MPs, their interests, information about the order of business in the House of Commons, procedures for various situations in the House and the role of the Speaker and his Deputy, various standing orders, amendments and examples drawn from Hansard. Included in this file are lists of the Conservative MPs in the Shadow Cabinet, 1976-1979, with comments on their performance; lists of secret societies, their objectives and notes of politicians who are members; list of newly elected MPs for 1979 with comments including one on John Major as 'good and nice'.

2 files (81 docs)

1979 - 1983
WEA/PP M2 Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - File, 1979

This file includes a promotion brochure for Kilgour Weatherill; a series of papers for the Budget in June 1979, marked by Weatherill as being his first time in the chair for a Budget statement; letters of congratulation on his appointment as Deputy Speaker; a letter referring to his part in the identification of the body of Airey Neave.

1 file (29 docs)

WEA/PP M3 Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - File, 1980

This file includes various routine letters, letters and cards of thanks; various items about the Queen Mother's 80th birthday celebrations; a draft of a Weatherill coat of arms; speculative newspaper articles about Weatherill taking the place of George Thomas as Speaker of the House of Commons; announcements of Weatherill's appointment as a Privy Counsellor; extracts from Hansard on an occasion when Weatherill, as Deputy Speaker made a casting vote; copy of the House Magazine with a cartoon of Weatherill on the cover.

1 file (50 docs)

WEA/PP M4 Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - File, 1981

This file includes letters concerning a meeting of the executive of the Croydon Conservative Association at Westminster; a copy of the play 'Ways and Means' by Noel Coward; copy of a cartoon showing Savile Row, with a note from Weatherill about shop sign for Kilgour, French and Stanbury, which should be Kilgour - Weatherill.

1 file (46 docs)

WEA/PP M5 Chairman of Ways and Means and Deputy Speaker - File, 1982

This file includes speculative articles about the new Speaker of the House of Commons and other routine letters.

1 file (70 docs)


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