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Weatherill Papers: constituency papers

These files contain material relating to Weatherill's work as an MP.


Miscellaneous constituency files

Accession code: WEA/PC M

These files relate to various issues within the constituency, usually issues or organisations which Weatherill particularly associated himself with. They appear to have been assembled by him as a series of reference files as there is little correspondence from Weatherill other than acknowledgement of receipt. There is also an interesting series of newssheets and pamphlets issued by the local Conservative Association.

1964 to 1992

9 files

WEA/PC M1 Newsletter of the Croydon North East Conservative Association, 1964-1969

This file is a collection of photocopied sheets, issued monthly by the Croydon North East Conservative Association and containing items selected and written by Weatherill under the general title of 'the Month in Parliament'. Included in the file are a number of newspaper cuttings.

1 file (50 docs)

Nov 1964 to Dec 1969
WEA/PC M2 Copies of the 'North-East Croydon News', 1965-1973

This file is an incomplete series of copies of the periodical 'North-East Croydon News - Journal of the North-East Croydon Conservative Association', from Vol. 6, No. 1 to Vol. 13 No. 4. The content of the periodicals is a series of articles, including one by Weatherill, with some photographs of local party events and advertisements by local firms.

1 file (19 docs)

Nov 1964 to Dec 1969
WEA/PC M3 General file relating to Upper Norwood

The file of material relates to several issues in Upper Norwood including the Crystal Palace Foundation; the organisation UNIT, Upper Norwood Improvement Team; Crystal Palace Park; correspondence from Ulrich Pick; information about Spadework employing handicapped adults; issues of 'Friends of Fashion', a newsletter of the Museum of London; a list of housing associations with property in the borough of Croydon; Directory of Small Businesses, compiled by Croydon Business Venture.

1 file (63 docs)

1982 to 1988
WEA/PC M4 File relating to the Mayday Hospital in Croydon, 1986-1991

This file covers several fund-raising ventures at the Mayday Hospital, many of which Weatherill acted as patron or a president of the fund-raising committee. They include minutes and other material relating to the appeals for the Mayday Scanner, Kids in Mayday, and the Croydon Well Women Appeal.

1 file (48 docs)

1986 to 1991
WEA/PC M5 File relating to Water Well Trust, 1989-1992

This file relates to Water Well, a project started by one of Weatherill's constituents, to construct wells in Zambia. Much of the earlier correspondence is concerned with establishing the authenticity of the charity and its work, though once this is done Weatherill becomes a patron and involves himself with the charity.

1 file (37 docs)

1989 to 1992
WEA/PC M6 File relating to UNIT - Upper Norwood Improvement Team, 1988-1992

This file relates to the work of the Upper Norwood Improvement Team, of which Weatherill was chairman, and which was responsible for bringing together various organisations for an area which crosses for London borough boundaries. There are copies of the minutes of meetings and material relating to activities for seeking support and for restoration of buildings.

1 file (65 docs)

1988 to 1992
WEA/PC M7 File relating to St Mary's Day Centre, Upper Norwood, 1991

This file relates to the work of St Mary's Day Centre for the under-5's their mothers, which is run by the religious community of Sisters of Our Lady of Fidelity in Upper Norwood. As one of its patrons Weatherill is involved assisting and advising them about architects and planning matters and sources of fund-raising.

1 file (25 docs)

WEA/PC M8 File relating to Croydon Tramlink, 1991-1992

This file concerns the proposed private bill for a light railway scheme, known as Tramlink to join the centre of Croydon to Wimbledon, Beckenham and New Addington. The papers included letters of objection and support of the scheme from constituents, a confidential funding report and a copy of the bill.

1 file (50 docs)

1991 to 1992

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