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Engaging, flexible and interactive, our evening Language Express courses will make you progress in your chosen language in no time. By focussing on conversational skills, our classes are recommended for students, staff, and anyone else wanting to learn a language from beginners' level.
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Our language courses not only provide you with communication skills, but also allow you to gain basic intercultural skills. As part of our Language Express courses, you will develop essential knowledge and understanding of the cultural contexts in which your chosen language is spoken.

The evening Language Express courses run for twenty weeks across the Autumn and Spring terms. You will be required to attend one two-hour class per week.

Language Express courses are not credit-bearing and will not count towards your degree programme. A minimum number of participants is required in order for course(s) to run and all courses will be held online for 2022-2023 with the exception of Russian which will be taught face-to-face at the Canterbury campus.

Language Express courses

Code Module Level Location Date and time
LEXP0210 French A1 Beginners Online Mondays 18:00-20:00
LEXP0310 German A1 Beginners Online Mondays 18:00-20:00
LEXP0410 Italian A1 Beginners Online Tuesdays 18:00-20:00
LEXP0510 Japanese A1 Beginners Online Thursdays 18:00-20:00
LEXP0610 Mandarin A1 Beginners Online Tuesdays 18:00-20:00

Russian A1



Tuesdays 18:00-20:00

LEXP1010 Spanish A1 Beginners Online Thursdays 18:00-20:00


Language Express will be offering a 10-week Ukrainian course on Wednesdays during the Spring Term (16 January 2023 to 7 April 2023).

The cost for this special course is £100 for anyone with an interest in the language.

More information

The cost for students, staff and externals is £270, £290 and £370 respectively, excluding the Ukrainian course which costs £100.

University of Kent staff can apply for 50% funding towards the cost of the classes, whether or not the language studied is relevant to their role and work at the University. Alternatively, staff can be awarded the full 100% funding where they can demonstrate that the language studied is directly linked to their current role and work at the University. Please note this does not apply to the Ukrainian course. 

Find out more about the criteria via the University's Talent and Organisational Development website.

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