KentOne Card

Example staff and student KentOne card in University of Kent lanyard card holder

KentOne Card

It's a lot more than just your staff/student ID card.

What does my KentOne card do?


How do I use it?

The KentOne card uses contactless technology so for most access features you'll just need to show it to the right person or scan it on the right machine. It also works the same way as your contactless debit/credit card when using it to pay.

Our FAQs

I don't have a KentOne card. How can I get one?

Students: You will be advised where you can collect your KentOne card in your registration confirmation email. If you need to collect it at any other time of the year, please visit Nexus in the Templeman Library (Canterbury campus) or the Medway Student Administration reception in the Gillingham building.

Staff: Your school/department administrator should have ordered your card prior to your first day. After arrival, if you do not have a KentOne card it can be requested online (you will need to obtain authorisation from your department).


How do I top it up?

You can top up your KentOne card with money in most accommodation receptions, however the easiest way to do it is to top up your account online using the link below. 

Top up online How to add credit

Want to top up someone else's card?

It's possible to add funds to someone else's KentOne account even if you aren't a member of staff or student at the University. To do this a linked account must be created by the card owner and both accounts will need to be verified. To find out more about linked accounts see our Parents/Supporters FAQs 


Three female students talking with female server in K-Bar

Where can I use it?

There are lots of places across the Canterbury campus where you can use your KentOne card to pay. Some even offer you a 10% discount when you do!

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