How to use your KentOne Card

How to use your KentOne card

The KentOne card uses contactless technology, meaning it works the same way as your contactless debit/credit card when you use it to pay at one of our outlets around our Canterbury campus. Many even offer a 10% discount when you do!  

Sound good? Simply create a KentOne account to get started. Once you’ve logged in you can top up your card, view your balance and track your account activity. Just check out the steps below to get started!

How to add funds to your card


Head to our login pages

Image of 'Top up online link' in website menu

Great news you're already here, now you just need to click the 'Top up online' option in the menu or below.

Top up online

Your account

Image showing login button at top right of webpage or new registration in centre

The first time, you'll need to set up an account. Staff will need to use their full Kent email address, students will need to use their short/username Kent email.

Next time, you'll just need to enter your email and password in the top right.  


Adding funds

Image of Kent one account webpage with 'cashless wallet' needed and add funds button. All centre of screen.

Fantastic you're in. Click on your 'Cashless' wallet. You can also see your current balance from this screen and the 'add funds' option.

Your other two wallets are controlled centrally (e.g showing your meal plan allowance if you've purchased one).


Making a payment

Payment webpage with amount to select menu options

Select how much you want to add onto your KentOne card and then proceed with the payment. 

Completing a payment by entering your details on the screen

Completing a payment is the same process as many other online sites and is secure.


Your balance

Login page with amount updated balance shown centre of screen.

Once you've completed your payment you'll see your balance has instantly updated and is now ready to spend.

You'll also receive an email receipt for your payment.


You're ready to go!

That's it, your card is ready to use as a cashless payment option across campus. Just log back in the next time you want to add funds. 

Check out all the places on campus that accept KentOne card payment and which ones give you a 10% discount.

Where to use

Any questions?

Try our FAQ page for more information and troubleshooting advice.

If you wish to add funds to someone else's KentOne card, you can find out more about linking accounts below or contact the KentOne team who will be happy to help.  

How can I add building/room access to my card?

All KentOne cards automatically have access to the Templeman Library.

If you want to gain access to a specific cycle shelter on campus you'll need to visit Campus Security in the Security and Transport Centre to arrange this for you.    

Staff: Certain staff buildings/rooms require permission for you to gain access. If you are trying to use your KentOne card to access a restricted area you'll need first get the access/ permission granted to your card. This will need to be requested from you/your department to Estates via the online 'Building Access Request'

Depending on what access is required some office door access can be added in the college reception following confirmation from your department. 

Students: You shouldn't need any other room access added to your card, as if you are a resident on campus you'll be able to access your accommodation using your fob.

Linking accounts

Did you know  parents/supporters/staff can also add funds to a student account?

The first step is to contact the KentOne team, for staff the payment process will be managed by the team. If you are a parent/supporter they'll set up a linked account for you to use moving forward.

Once you have a linked account, just log in and follow the below steps:

  1. Select 'account details' in the left side menu. You'll then see an 'account linking' section on the main page which you should click on.
  2. Fill in the Kent username email address of the student account you wish to link to. An email invite will be sent to them informing them of the link you wish to setup. 
  3. Once received, both parties need to log into their own accounts, visit the 'account links' section and verify the link by clicking 'activate'.
  4. Once both parties have activated the link, you will be able to transfer funds to the student account.

Recent Activity information can also be shared by the student by clicking 'enable' next to 'recent activity sharing' in the account links section. This will allow the linked account to see the current balance and recent transactions.