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Flex Catering Package

The Flex Catering Package is open to all students that live on or off campus, and offers an enormous amount of flexibility as well as a huge discount by paying in advance.

The Flex Catering Package for the 2021/22 academic year is available to purchase.

Costing £1100 for the academic year, you will get a food and drink allowance of £10 each day, but you would have only paid £5 a day, meaning you could benefit from savings of 50% on your food bill over the course of the year.  

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How does it work?

You will have a meal allocation of £10 each day. This will be added to your KentOne card (student ID card) each day as two £5 tokens. You can decide if you would like to put the full £10 allowance towards one substantial meal, or if you would prefer to split it into two x £5 tokens and have two smaller meals instead.

If you would like to have two smaller meals, you need to make sure that the cost of the first meal doesn’t exceed the first £5 token. That will leave the other £5 token remaining on their card for use later that day. If however you spend over £5 on your first meal that day (for example £5.25) it will eat into the other £5 token and that will be classed as having been ‘used’ as well, so you won’t have any remaining for that day. You can speak to the staff at the till and pay any difference yourself, for example if it costs £5.25 they could ask to use one token and then pay the 25p in cash. This would leave your other £5 token untouched for later use.

At the till you simply hand over your Student ID card (KentOne card) and it will automatically register that you have the package and your allowance will be deducted. If the dish you would like is over £10, you need to pay the difference.

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Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and understand the Flex Catering Package Terms and Conditions before purchasing.

Read our Terms and Conditions


You will be allocated £10 a day for food and you can choose when and where you would like to eat on campus. Read the Terms and Conditions for our operating hours.  

No, the Flex Catering Package is only available to purchase through the Online Store.  

Please email with your order number and correct details.  

No, if you live in any of our part-catered accommodation (Eliot College, Rutherford College, Keynes College or Becket Court) then your meal plan is included in your accommodation costs already. The Flex Catering Package is only for students living in self-catering or off-campus accommodation.  

Unused tokens cannot be transferred, refunded or rolled over to another day.  

Lost KentOne cards should be reported to the KentOne team. Once reported, the lost card will be blocked for all future use. The University will retain any blocked cards. Replacement cards will be issued at the last known balance (as per system records) and a non-refundable administration fee of £15 will be charged for the new card.

Lost fobs should be reported to your College Reception. Once reported, the lost fob will be blocked for all future use. Replacement fobs will be issued with the last known balance (as per system records). There is a charge for a replacement fob.

Allergen information is available for every dish on all menus. We cater for special diets and are happy to discuss any requirements you have. Please talk to our supervisors or senior chefs in our outlets or email us at

We have an offer for students who are arriving in January and want to purchase the Flex Catering Package for the Spring and Summer terms. The package works in exactly the same way with a food and drink allowance of £10 each day. This package is only available to purchase in January and can be purchased through the Online Store. More information about the January package will be available on this page closer to January.  

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