Staff PCs with Windows 10

Using a Windows 10 staff PC/laptop

The start menu and software

The Windows Start icon is new, it looks like 4 window panes.

To find programs, click Start then browse the A-Z list or search.

Tip: right-click on the Start icon to see extra options in a popup menu.

Outlook (staff email)

  • The Mail icon in the bottom bar (taskbar) isn't set up for staff email.
  • Outlook will open your staff email automatically: search for Microsoft Outlook.
  • To remove the Mail icon from the bottom bar (taskbar), unpin it (see below).

Pin and unpin software to the taskbar

You can add shortcuts to the taskbar (the bottom bar on the screen):

  1. Open the software.
  2. Right-click on its icon in the taskbar.
  3. Choose Pin this program to taskbar.
  4. If it's already pinned and you want to remove it, choose Unpin...

Find more software in the Software Center

There may be extra software you need to download in the Software Center.
Library staff: if you use Workflows (the ULMS client) you'll find it there.

  1. Click Start.
  2. Search for and select Software Center – spell center with ‘er’ (American spelling).
  3. Download any of the programs listed.

Is the software you need not listed? Contact us.
We can make some programs available to you at an educational discount.

Admin rights

Contact us if you need to request temporary admin rights to install software. Webex meetings tip: look for a link to a ‘local install’.

How to lock or shut down the PC

To turn the PC off:

Click Start and then the on/off icon, then Shut down.

To lock the PC or sign out:

Click Start, then Person icon, then Lock or Sign out.
Always lock your PC before leaving it unattended.

How to make a window bigger

Click the square icon in between the X and minimize button, in the top-right of the software window.

Edge is the default browser

If you use SharePoint a lot, which needs Internet Explorer, or prefer Chrome: search or browse the A-Z programs in the Start menu.

How to...

Find files and printers

To find your files click the File Explorer icon in the left hand start menu.
If your folders aren't listed you may need to map a drive.

To choose a specific printer you may need to install a printer.

Collaboration software you can use

Skype for Business for audio and video conferencing

Audio and video conferencing

You can run audio or video conferences from your desk using Skype or Skype for Business. You can use Skype or professional video conferencing software in a Video Conferencing suite at Canterbury or Medway.


SharePoint for document sharing and team / project sites

SharePoint is collaborative web space for staff to share documents and tasks. You can access it from on and off campus with your Kent IT Account. 


Mailing list service - email groups of students or staff

  • You can find out what mailing lists are available at Kent, or create your own email mailing list.
  • Mailing lists are used to share key academic messages to students or staff.
  • Your list can be created in a way that does not allow users to unsubscribe.

University of Kent mailing list service

PCs in lecture theatres and seminar rooms

Tips for teaching with Windows 10 including using PowerPoint to project slides in meeting and teaching rooms.

Office 2016 training

If you want to improve your IT skills, sign up for a training course: IT training for staff.





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