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File storage: your space on the network

If you save to the Kent network, files are backed up daily (so safer from disk failure, loss or theft than your own device).

Accessing your Kent network folders

You can access your folder using student/staff PCs, or from your own computer (on and off campus). Students and staff can save up to 2GB.

Using student PCs

Save to the Z drive or Documents folder; its your personal folder on the Kent network. To view it click Start, Computer and click the Z: folder: its name contains your username.

Staff PCs

Click Start, Computer and save to your Z drive or departmental drive under network locations. Don't use the Documents folder, the Desktop or the computer's hard drive as they are not backed up. Apply for access to folders/resources

Accessing your files from your laptop/PC/Mac

How to set up access to your files by mapping a drive, from on or off campus.

Back up your work

Have at least 2 copies in different places. Save work to your folder on the Kent network as well as either a USB stick, external hard drive, or online service like Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive:

  • If your work contains personal data or sensitive personal data you must save it to an encrypted drive or encrypted USB stick. Staff advice on encryption
  • If you use portable devices, make sure you save a copy on the Kent network too.

More tips:

  • Don't lose work opened from email attachments: click Save As and choose a location you'll be able to find again
  • Files deleted from the Kent network can't be retrieved from the recycle bin - so only delete files you are sure you will not need again!

Connected via Wi-Fi or VPN?

When working on a file from the network, save a copy onto your computer while you are editing it and save it back when done, or you risk losing work if your connection drops.


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Last Updated: 08/08/2018