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Update your alternative email address

To change the personal email address the University holds for you:

Login problems

Check your password

Are you entering your password correctly? Is the CAPS LOCK key is on or off? Does your keyboard enter the expected characters if you type text into a document? Password problems for External Examiners.

Check your username format

If your Kent IT Account username was abc1 you would enter your details as:

To access... Login with this format


Student email

  • abc1
  • for mobile/tablet access, add
  • Medway PCs
  • off campus access to some services

Replace abc1 with your Kent IT Account username.


Other possible causes

If none of the advice above works, contact us explaining the steps you have tried.

About your IT Account

Your Kent IT Account provides access to key services like email:

Leaving Kent

Staff and students: what happens when you leave


Has your Account been disabled/deleted incorrectly?

If you think your Account has been disabled/deleted incorrectly:

Staff: do you get asked to log in frequently when on campus?

From Internet Explorer click ToolsInternet OptionsSecurityLocal IntranetSitesAdvanced. Now add these as trusted local sites:

  • https://*

You should now get asked to log in less often (caveat: this works for the majority of staff PCs; those using the UKC domain).


By using your IT Account, you are agreeing to abide by these Regulations.


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Last Updated: 01/04/2020