Design skills

Unusual building with angular floors

Design skills

Develop the technical skills you need to showcase your creativity. Using the latest technology, you can work with video, photographic images, sound clips or text. 

Study at Kent to gain practical skills and design expertise, opening up career opportunities in a range of areas within the creative industries.


Alex Newson

I was lucky enough to get a placement at Nintendo in Frankfurt, Germany; the School has good links with them.


MA Architecture and Urban Design

A presentation by Programme Director, John Letherland and Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Gordana Fontana-Giusti.

MA Architectural Visualisation showreel

Interested in MA Architectural Visualisation? Check out this new showreel produced by alumni Olegk Stathopoulos.

MSc Digital Visual Effects

Ayda talks about her Master's in Digital Visual Effects at the University of Kent.