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Projects and Research

Be part of our world-class research and innovation culture. Our projects combine cultural, creative, digital and entrepreneurial skills in the twenty-first century cultural and creative industries.


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Creative Estuary

Kent leads a £4.3 million Cultural Development Fund project to transform the Thames Estuary into one of the most exciting cultural hubs in the world.

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Research Centres and Networks

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Medical Humanities Research Network

Fostering collaboration and exchange among medical and health humanities studies scholars.

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Gateways Partnership

History and Creativity combine to produce public art, schools education, podcasting and much more

Digital Architecture Research Centre

DARC focuses on the application of digital technology in architecture and explores the creative use of digital technologies in design and fabrication.

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Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Reproduction

The study of reproduction in all its forms. Photo Credit: Deon Black, Unsplash.

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Centre for Health and Medical Humanities

Investigating the relationship of the arts and humanities to health, healthcare, medicine and medical education.

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Film, Media and Culture Research Group

The group specialises in research that is collaborative, of high impact, international and interdisciplinary in scope.

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Digital Culture Research Network

Consolidating digital-oriented research and teaching at the University of Kent.

Sculptures which use light in their designs

Light4Life Hub

Light for Life brings together teams working on the technology, applications and understanding of light.

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European Theatre Research Network

A partnership between the University of Kent; the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London; and Aarhus University (Denmark).

Composers and Technology Research Group

Examining the role and influence of new and recent technologies in the creation, performance and dissemination of new music.

AI figure with digital code across screen

Computational Intelligence Group

Investigating the interface between computer science and the domains of bioscience, cognition and physics.

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Centre for Technology, Innovation, Management and Enterprise

TIME provides its researchers with a platform to explore new and innovative approaches to topics related to the wider area of digital innovation.

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Centre for Creative Writing

We are excited by writing that changes the reader and, ultimately – even if it is a very small way – the world.

A robot holding a living plant

Intelligent Interactions Research Group

The Intelligent Interactions group has interests in all aspects of information engineering, digital media and human-machine interactions.

British Museum glass ceiling by Johanna Buguet Unsplash

Centre for Heritage

Interdisciplinary study of heritage from the conceptual, and the virtual to the material fabric and its sustainable conservation.

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