Year Abroad funding

If you study a year abroad as part of your course, you may still be entitled to statutory support while you are away from the University providing that it is a recognised element of your course.

If you are on a year in industry outside of the UK, please see the Year in Industry webpage for more information.  

Funding for living costs if you are studying a year abroad

Students studying on a year abroad can apply for the same funding package that they received in previous years. The amount of Maintenance Loan that a student receives will be means tested and will also be higher, up to £11,427 for 2023/24.

Students in receipt of a means tested loan/grant may also be eligible to apply for a Travel Grant to help towards the cost of all necessary travel costs, and other essential expenses (e.g. visas, medical insurance, or vaccinations) incurred as part of their year abroad. The amount that you will get will depend on your household income, and the first £303 of your travel costs are disregarded, i.e. you will need to cover the cost of these via other means.

Students studying a year abroad may be able to receive the first instalment of their funding up to 25 days before the start of the University of Kent Autumn Term. In order to receive your instalment early, you must make your application for support as soon as possible, and ensure that you inform Student Finance in your application that you will be studying abroad. This is particularly important if you have recently changed from a 3 year to 4 year degree programme. You should contact them directly about this as soon as possible.

If Student Finance send you a form, you need to complete the form (including dates of study) before taking it to the Student Reception in the Registry. Central Student Administration will then confirm the information you have provided in the form to Student Finance.

In addition to the statutory support, students studying a year abroad in an EU country can apply for an Erasmus Grant from the British Council depending on which country they will be studying in. Learn more about Erasmus+ programme.

Kent Financial Support Package (KFSP)

Students in receipt of the KFSP will be eligible to receive the award during their placement year provided that they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.  

Tuition fees

For students studying abroad for the full academic year 2023/2024, a reduced tuition fee of £1,385 will apply.

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