Non/late payment and appeals

Information on what happens if you do not pay your fees or have to make a late payment, withdrawing from university and the complaints and appeals procedures.

Non payment of fees

If tuition fees are not paid within the given timeframes, students will be deregistered and deemed withdrawn without any further opportunity to study, unless permitted to intermit by the department/faculty, and return at a later date.

Deregistered student have no access to University resources including accommodation, email and access requirements.

Late payment of fees

Late payment supplements of 1.5% of the outstanding balance may be added to unpaid accounts and there will be a charge for declined instalment payments.

Withdrawing from your course

All students considering withdrawing from their course should discuss the matter with their personal tutor or academic adviser in the first instance.

Students must then follow the proper withdrawal procedure through their school.

Tuition fees

If you have paid your tuition fees, upon withdrawal, you may be entitled to a refund based on the following rules of withdrawal.

  • Undergraduate students funded by the Student Loans Company- SLC has three trigger points (at the start of each term) which determine whether fees will be paid. If you are in attendance on any of these trigger dates your fees will be paid to us in full for that particular term.
  • For all other students - Fees will be reduced on the number of months completed, pro-rated against the total months allocated to the year. For further refund information, please email

Accommodation fees

If you are withdrawing from your course you will also need to inform the Accommodation Office.

Accommodation fee refunds are at the discretion of the Accommodation Office and are subject to the details given in your agreement.

For further information regarding accommodation refunds email, call 01227 766660 or use the contact form.

Complaints and appeals

Home/overseas tuition fee assessment and appeals

There are two levels of tuition fees that the University charges, depending on whether you are classed as a 'Home' student (including EU students) or an 'Overseas' student.

Tuition fee status is determined at the point of admission to the University by the Recruitment and Admissions Office.

The assessment is based on the information declared in your application to the University.

If you do not agree with your Home/Overseas status you will need to make an appeal against this decision.

More on how to appeal
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