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Academic Skills for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

The following guides have been created for you by the Student Learning Advisory Service. For more detailed guidance and to speak to one of our advisers, please book an appointment or join one of our workshops. Alternatively, have a look at our SkillBuilder skills videos.   

Learning from feedback

Feedback from tutors consists of invaluable one-to-one advice on what the marker/tutor feel are the:

1. Strengths of the work – what was good about it.

2. Weaknesses of the work - what undermined the effectiveness of the assignment.

3. Areas for improvement – how to improve your performance in the current or next assignment.

Even though feedback can occasionally feel negative, it is a crucial part of learning and should never be ignored. The more you read your advice and think about how you will use the feedback, the more useful and less negative it will seem.

The Student Learning Advisory Service offers online appointments on how to interpret feedback and how to address areas of development raised in your feedback. However, for some initial tips have a read of our Learning from Feedback guide.   

Revision planning & strategies

Good revision...

  • Is targeted e.g. focuses on exactly what you need to revise.
  • Is structured e.g. planned out/timetabled.
  • Makes use of effective memorising techniques.
  • Ends in exam rehearsals in order to practice performing under pressure.  

The Student Learning Advisory Service offers online appointments and hybrid workshops on revision planning and techniques, but for some initial tips have a read of our Revision Planning and Strategies guide.     

Exam techniques & strategies

The Student Learning Advisory Service offers online appointments and hybrid workshops to help all students to prepare for their exams, as well as develop strategies for successfully coping with: 

  • time management in exams
  • essays in exams 
  • multiple choice and single answer questions
  • panic recovery in exams such as writers block or running out of time

For some initial tips have a read of our Exam techniques and strategies guide.      

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