Statement: Digital Accessibility Policy

The University of Kent Digital Accessibility Policy describes the University's approach to meeting its requirements under the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No. 2) Accessibility Regulations 2018.

5. Policy Statement

5.1. The University will comply with The Regulations and all relevant legislation. It will ensure changes to legislation are considered in a timely manner and review policy and controls accordingly. 

5.2. Digital systems will be developed and managed to comply with The Regulations, addressing any technical limitations that become apparent.  

5.3. Anyone writing content for a digital system owned or maintained by the University must follow the corporate Design Principles.  

5.4. The University will provide all necessary accessibility information regarding any of its digital systems in the form of an Accessibility Statement and Known Defects Statement on the system’s web interface. 

5.5. Staff who manage contracts and procure new digital systems and services must make sure that contractors comply with their obligations under the current legislation; they must also actively manage any identified accessibility limitations until they are resolved. All contracts relating to digital systems and content must include appropriate Digital Accessibility Statements and clauses. 

5.6. Staff who provide content must learn how to make content accessible and keep up to date with accessibility standards. Digital accessibility training is a mandatory part of the induction process for all new staff and of continuing professional development for existing staff. 

5.7. Anyone has the right to challenge the level of accessibility of our digital systems and the impact of any constraints outlined in this policy. Such challenges will be dealt with appropriately through support mechanisms also outlined in this policy. 

5.8. The University supports the principles set out by WCAG 2.1, Levels A and AA. It maintains policies and procedures for monitoring the quality and compliance of its digital systems. 

5.9. Any digital system or content that cannot be made accessible should be referred to the Accessible Information Team, who will act to manage the risk of non-compliance. This may be escalated to other accountable roles for accessibility compliance. 

5.10. Staff who manage systems must meet their obligations under the current legislation and actively manage any accessibility limitations identified until they are resolved. This includes an annual plan for auditing and updating accessibility statements. 

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