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HVP Nepal UK

Building a better future in Nepal

HVP-Nepal UK: Building a better future in Nepal

  • The HVP-Nepal Link is a bespoke placement opportunity open to University of Kent students interested in teaching, international development, travel and volunteering. 
  • HVP is an Nepal-based NGO that has more than 30 years' experience hosting UK university volunteers at its schools and social projects through GAP and other university links. 
  • The scheme is co-ordinated by Dr. Lars Atkin, a lecturer at the School of English, History and Classics, University of Kent, and co-ordinated by HVP employees and volunteers in Nepal. 
  • Unlike some other volunteering opportunities, this is run by a not-for-profit organisation and can be adjusted to suit individual needs and requirements  

The Placements 

  • HVP has 3 schools across Nepal. It also runs social projects such as the Children’s Peace Home orphanage and educational projects aimed at empowering women to earn their own living. 
  • Volunteers can work as teachers in the schools teaching across the humanities and social sciences as the schools are English medium. 
  • There is scope to work on designing decorative murals and helping update the school facilities. 
  • More information about the HVP Schools can be found on the HVP Nepal-UK website  

What is expected of you 

  • You will pay around £1,000 for flights to Nepal via Delhi or Dubai and £100 for your visa (you can apply for funding from the Turing Scheme. See our Moodle Module for details). 
  • Students registered at Kent at the time of the placement will be covered by the  University's travel and personal accident insurance. 
  • You will sign up for six weeks' volunteering at the Children’s Peace Home in South West Nepal. 
  • You will attend an orientation day in the Spring (hosted at the University of Kent) in which you will hear more about the placement and learn teaching tips from fully-trained teachers and former volunteers. 
  • In addition to the cost of the trip, you should aim to fundraise at least £500 to donate to the Children’s Peace Home in return for 6 weeks' bed and board, plus the opportunity to teach in HVP Dang and help out at CPH