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What is the Kent Global Passport

The Kent Global Passport (KGP) is a free online app which has been designed to help you to highlight your international skills and experience. The aim is to help you make the most of internationally-relevant activity in your daily life. The KGP understands that your international skills and experiences are developed through mixing in our international community. It isn’t always about time spent in other countries.

How do I complete the KGP?

The KGP in provided through Myfolio. To find the KGP, first log in to Myfolio using your normal log in deatils and then go to the following link:

You'll need to be logged in before it will work.

The KGP has six sections to complete and asks you to reflect on different international aspects of your experience and daily life. Each section helps you with some questions to consider, but you are not required to follow these questions, if you already have your own ideas. The KGP is flexible. You can start it, save it and then add to it at any point before you graduate.

When you’ve finished the KGP, you can save it as a PDF or print it out. Either way, you will have a record of your international skills and experience for future reference, for example when applying for a job or preparing for an interview.


Why complete the KGP?

By recording and reflecting upon the international experiences that you have had, you will be able to develop a better understanding of the globally relevant skills that you have acquired during your studies, so that you can build these into your CV or refer to them in job applications and interviews.

As you will see from the International opportunties website, international experiences extend beyond study or work abroad and by considering the internationalisation at home experiences that are available to you, you may have the opportunity to describe your skillset in a much more impactful way.

Employability Points?

By completing the Kent Global passport you can earn employability points and the chance to win one of two vouchers for £100. To gain your employability points, complete the Kent Global Passport and save it as a PDF. When you have done this send the PDF file to: The deadline is 13 May 2019.

You will earn 5 Employability points for each section of the Passport that you complete and 35 points if you complete all 6 sections. Any completed Passports which have not been sensibly completed, or which contain less than 600 words in total, will not be counted for employability points or eligible for the draw for the two voucher prizes.


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