The EDI Forum provides an open-access channel for any member of the University (staff or student, regardless of location) to discuss an idea, issue, good practice initative or concern in relation to equality, diversity and inclusivity at Kent.

As the Forum is open to anyone, all meetings will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams. We strongly encourage members of the equality staff and student networks to attend, as well as Divisional and Trade Union equality representatives. The Forum provides a direct access route to the EDI Strategy Group for any discussions, ideas, or concerns to be raised, investigated and addressed.

2023/24 Meeting Dates

CANCELLED AND TO BE RESCHEDULED: Tuesday 2 November, 10am-11.50am

Wednesday 21 March, 10am-11.50am via Teams


If you would like to add an item to the Agenda for the meeting, please email it to Becky Lamyman at least 7 working days in advance of the meeting. Anything submitted later than this can be raised under Any Other Business.   

Agenda's will be published here 5 working days in advance of the meeting

Paperwork for meeting 20.05.2023

  • Agenda 20.05.23
  • Minutes / Updates 20.05.23

Paperwork for meeting 21 March 2023

  • Agenda 21.03.24
  • Minutes / Updates 21.03.24

Paperwork for meeting 02.11.23

  • Agenda
  • Minutes / Updates 02.11.23

There were no meetings in 2022-2023 academic year due to staff shortages

Paperwork for meeting 3rd February 2022

Paperwork for meeting 18th May 2022

Paperwork for meeting 8th November 2022

For a list of EDI Representatives email equalityand 

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference will be agreed at the first EDI Forum meeting, but are proposed as:

1. Provide a safe, open space for any member of the University community to raise any issue, idea, good practice initiative or concern in relation to EDI at the University of Kent.

2. Provide an opportunity for the Staff and Student EDI-related Networks to discuss and share ideas or concerns with each other

3. Provide a collaborative working environment in relation to EDI between the EDI related Networks, Academic Divisions, Professional Service and Central Departments and Kent Union.

4. Share good EDI practice arising within Academic Divisions, Staff and Student Networks and Professional Service Departments and throughout the University

5. To help inform and disseminate EDI policies and good practice initiatives within Divisions and Professional Service departments and throughout the University.

6. To provide a forum for discussion and consultation on EDI matters of interest to the student and staff populations.

7. To make suggestions and recommendations to relevant University committees and groups.


It is proposed that the EDI Forum is chaired on a rotational basis by members of the relevant Staff and Student EDI Networks. 

Staff members with direct responsibility for EDI (such as the Head of EDI, EDI Adviser, Student EDI Officer, Charter Coordinators etc) will be in attendance to answer questions.

Staff and Student members of the EDI related Networks, Divisional EDI representatives and Trade Union EDI representatives are encouraged to attend.

Any member of the staff and student University community is welcome to attend, raise an issue, ask questions or just observe. 

Meeting Minutes

Previously the University has operated an EDI Network with represenatatives from across the University. Please see below for notes, summary discussions and good practice examples - for minutes of previous meetings please email: Equality and Diversity

Latest Notes - March 2021 

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