Reporting Incidents

Here at the University of Kent, we want to make sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Please follow the links below to report an incident.

Reporting Tool for Students

Report and Support is a tool which empowers students to record details of incidents such as sexual assault, harassment, relationship abuse or hate crime. Reporting through report and support ensures that you gain access to the support that is available to you in the aftermath of an incident.

Please visit our student guide for more detailed information on the process for reporting sexual assault and harassment. 

Reporting Tool for Staff

If you wish to pursue a complaint, you can do so under Ordinance 42: Grievance Resolution.

Initial steps include:

Informal resolution by addressing the complaint directly with the individual or discussing it with your line manager;

Formal resolution which has four steps:

  1. Raise the grievance formally
  2. Investigation
  3. Communicate the outcome
  4. Appeals process

Student Resources

The Student Conduct and Complaints Office is responsible for all student complaints, student discipline and all University-related complaints from the local community.

Student Support and Wellbeing

Support for all students at the University of Kent.

College and Community Life Team

The Colleges that make up the Canterbury and Medway campuses are made up of the friendly Colleges and Community Life Team.

Kent Union Help & Advice

Advice and support from Kent Union for students at the University of Kent.

GKSU Advice and Support

Advice and support for Students at the Medway Campus.

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