Occupational Health does not provide General Practice services or First Aid.

Occupational Health

at the University of Kent

Occupational Health is a specialist branch of medicine and healthcare that deals with the relationship between a person’s health and the work they do.  The relationship between the two factors goes both ways.  Work has the potential to damage a person’s health, e.g., contact with loud noise can make you deaf; contact with chemicals can cause skin, breathing or other health issues; repetitive work, such as keyboard work, can bring about wrist, neck or back problems.   Sometimes, an individual has long-standing health problems or disabilities, and this means that additional risk assessment is necessary at work to ensure that appropriate task adjustment is implemented for their needs. 

Good employers use Occupational Health professionals, nurses and doctors with additional training in health at work, for advice on their employees’ health needs and the tasks they are asked to do.  This advice is very important at certain points:

  • Start of employment
  • When regular health surveillance is required because of the nature of specific tasks
  • When a person develops a health problem which could potentially be caused by his/her work
  • When an individual develops a chronic health problem which may mean that he/she needs adjustments to duties
  • When an employee returns to work following surgery or other significant illness

The University of Kent employs a small team of Occupational Health staff for this purpose:

  • The Occupational Health & Wellbeing Team Manager who is a registered specialist nurse practitioner;
  • 2 part-time qualified Occupational Health & Wellbeing Advisers;
  • a trained Occupational Health Technican;
  • a part-time administrator
  • a part-time contract consultant Occupational Health physician 

The team is part of the Safety, Health & Environment Unit and can be found in Keynes College.  

Management and HR can request advice from Occupational Health using a formal Referral Process and the University’s employees often contact us as self-referrals for advice on all aspects of work and health.  We also carry out health surveillance as a requirement under UK law. 

The University of Kent is a respected employer within the local community and the academic world.  As a member of staff you are able to access various initiatives and assistance to help you with your Health and Wellbeing.  Working for the University of Kent you are a person, not a number.  The Occupational Health service provision is provided as part of that ethos.


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