Find out how to apply for a place at Kent through Clearing.

Clearing guide for students

Clearing is a chance to choose what’s right for you. Whether your results are a little unexpected, you’re having second thoughts about your chosen course, or you’ve done a 360 and want to start university in 2022, Clearing gives you the flexibility to explore what’s out there.  

So, just in case you want another option on results day, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Clearing basics.

When is Clearing?

Clearing opens on 5 July and ends on 18 October. If you’re taking your A level exams in 2022, you’ll be able to use Clearing from results day on Thursday 18 August. 


You’re eligible to use Clearing if:

  • you applied through UCAS but didn’t receive any offers by 30 June
  • you’ve received unexpected exam results and need to look for alternative courses
  • you’ve had a change of heart since you applied to UCAS and want to explore other options
  • you didn’t meet the conditions of your firm or insurance choice
  • you haven’t applied through UCAS before.

Want to have a look around before you apply?

We’d love to meet you. Visit on one of our upcoming summer Open Days, book a Campus Tour or join us for our Clearing Information Event, held in person on Wednesday 3 August and online on Thursday 4 August. Bookings will open soon.

Just breathe, don’t freak out. Be ready for when your results are out, so you can start calling your shortlist.

Meet Sophia. 

Sophia came through Clearing to study Drama and Theatre at Kent and is now training for a Master’s in Acting at ArtsEd.

How to use Clearing

Clearing isn’t complicated, but don’t leave it until results day to discover that. If you prepare in advance, you’ll feel calmer on the day and be ready to make your decision.   

When can you apply?

You’ll be able to browse courses on our site when Clearing opens on 5 July 2022, but you won’t be able to apply until you receive your results. If you deferred by a year or your examining bodies have already released your results, you can apply straightaway on 5 July. 

How will you know if you’re in Clearing?

If you can use Clearing, an ‘add Clearing choice’ option will appear on your UCAS Hub (formerly UCAS Track). If you want to enter Clearing, but you’re confirmed at another university, you can self-release on your Hub by selecting ‘decline my place’. Find out more in our FAQs.

Direct applications

You can make a direct application to a university if you have your results and have not applied via UCAS during this admissions cycle. If you want to apply directly to Kent, we ask you to complete a simple form which will be available from 5 July. We will review your application and get back to you with our decision as soon as possible. It’s that easy!

Make a note of when hotlines open

Every university will have different hotline hours during Clearing. Most will stay open for extended periods on 18 and 19 August, but make it part of your research to check their timings. 

Visit our contact page for more information on our hotline opening hours.

Check course vacancies regularly

Course availability will change quickly during Clearing, especially on results day. Universities will update their course vacancies in real time on their websites, so make them your first port of call. Bear in mind that popular courses fill quickly; which is why it’s a good idea to have other options in the bag.

Apply to universities and receive offers

Once you’ve checked your eligibility for a course, you can go ahead and apply online. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can give our hotline a call on 01227 768896 and one of our operators will take you through the application form. 

Tip: keep track of your offers and don’t overwhelm yourself. Although there’s no limit to the number of offers you can hold in Clearing, applying to loads of courses will make shortlisting even harder. 

Accept your offer on UCAS Hub

You'll usually have 24 hours to accept a Clearing offer. So, once you’ve decided which one you’d like to accept, head to your UCAS Hub. Go to the ‘next steps’ section, select ‘add a Clearing choice’ and input the course details. By adding the course as a Clearing choice, you are accepting your offer.

If you change your mind, you’ll need to contact the university whose offer you accepted and ask them to cancel your place. You’ll have to wait until you’ve been released before you can accept another offer and add it as a Clearing choice on your Hub.

Apply for accommodation

Kent takes the pressure off finding a room in Clearing. Rather than send you to another hotline, we ask if you need accommodation on your main Clearing application. Select ‘yes’, and our accommodation team will get to work on allocating you a room. 


If you can use Clearing, an ‘add Clearing choice’ option will appear on your UCAS Hub (formerly UCAS Track). If you want to enter Clearing, but you’re confirmed at another university, you can self-release on you Hub by selecting ‘decline my place’. 


Kent had an online form you could fill out to determine whether you would be accepted, it took a lot of the stress away! With the way things have gone for me at Kent and the experiences I’ve had, I am so glad that I went through Clearing.

Timo Kuerten, Biomedical Science BSc (Hons) Now studying for a PhD in Cancer Immunology

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