Five top tips for Clearing success

Here are a few things you can do to take the stress out of Clearing.

1 - The early bird... 

You don’t have to wait for results day to find out what courses are available in Clearing. Most universities will publish their course vacancies on 5 July. Like Kent, some universities allow you to pre-register for vacancy information too. 

You’ll need to put the early bird to shame on results day and be ready for when hotlines open – usually at 8am. You’re less likely to miss out on the course you want if you apply early, so have a few universities in mind that you can contact as soon as you get your results. This brings us nicely onto our second top tip... 

2 - Do the prep work 

Clearing won’t feel as stressful if you lay the groundwork. Spend some time researching what’s available and look at the nitty-gritty course detail as you did for your initial application:  

  • Do the modules interest you?   
  • How is the course assessed?   
  • Are there placement or study abroad options?   
  • What are your graduate opportunities like?  

Don’t be tempted to skip your student life research either. Lower entry requirements might be tempting but it’s important to enjoy where you study. Take a scroll through socials to get a feel for a uni’s campus, accommodation, facilities and nightlife. Does it seem like your sort of place? 

3 - Keep an open mind   

Being flexible is the key to Clearing success. Look at courses that you haven’t considered before and don’t be put off by unfamiliar degree titles. They might have similar module content to the course you originally applied for.  

If you’ve had a change of heart about your chosen subject, Clearing is the perfect opportunity to switch things up too. Just remember to check entry requirements and required subjects before you apply. 

4 - Try to relax 

We know, easier said than done, but you’re not on your own. Speak to your school or college, they are there for you and will provide expert advice and support.  

Be as organised as possible to help with your nerves. Write down some essential info such as your exam results, examination boards and UCAS ID (if applicable). Universities will ask for these details when you make an application. It’s a good idea to jot down who you speak to and a summary of your conversation too.   

5 - Take a road trip   

Clearing isn’t a quick fix. You’re at uni for three (or more) years, so wherever you choose should give you good vibes. To get a feel for where's best for you, look out for ways to visit in the run up to and after Results Day.

If you have time, head into the local town or city too. Can you see yourself having nights out with friends, doing your weekly food shop or having a mooch around the high street? 

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