Kent's Clearing guide for parents

Clearing guide for parents and carers

Every year, thousands of students use Clearing to make decisions and changes that benefit their future. This guide takes you through the ins and outs of the process and what you can do to support your child if they decide to use Clearing.

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Clearing 2022

Results day can be a nerve-racking time for students. Whether you’re a parent, legal guardian, supporter, carer or step-parent, we’re here to help you support them.

How will I know if my child is eligible for Clearing?

Your child can use Clearing if they: 

  • have had a change of heart since they applied to UCAS and want to explore other options
  • have received unexpected exam results and need to look for alternative courses
  • haven’t applied through UCAS before
  • applied through UCAS but didn’t receive any offers by 30 June 2022.

When does Clearing start? 

Clearing will open on 5 July 2022. If your child is taking A levels, they will be able to use it from results day on 18 August 2022. Students taking BTECs or other qualifications can enter as soon as they receive their exam results, usually in July or August.

If they receive an offer they would like to accept, they need to head to their UCAS Hub (formerly UCAS Track) and add the course as a Clearing choice. Encourage them to carefully consider their decision as they can only enter one choice at a time.

Clearing at Kent 

Our Clearing hotline will be open between 08:00 and 20:00 on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 August, and for extended periods until Friday 26 August 2022. Your child can make a Clearing application online, or they can call our hotline on 01227 768896 to speak to one of our operators. If they meet the entry requirements for their chosen course, we will make them a verbal offer over the phone, which will be confirmed via email on completion of our application form. 

To find our hotline opening hours, please visit our contact page.

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Top tips for supporting your child in Clearing

1. Help them prepare 

Clearing moves at a fast pace, so being able to make a beeline for their preferred course will be key to your child’s Clearing success. Most universities will publish their course vacancies on 5 July 2022, giving your child plenty of time to research and decide which courses they like the look of. Encourage them to get into the nitty-gritty detail, such as module content, methods of assessment, graduate opportunities and sandwich years. 

They should look at the student experience at each university too. What is the accommodation like? Are there opportunities for part-time work? Which societies do they like the sound of?

2. Support with their Clearing admin 

Before your child starts calling university hotlines, help them to gather some essential info. They’ll need their UCAS Personal ID, details of their qualifications (including GCSE and equivalent results), and examination bodies.  

Although you can’t call on their behalf, you can help them prepare for possible questions, read and remind them of what’s included in their personal statement and stay with them for moral support as they call around. 

3. Keep them going 

Clearing can still be overwhelming, even if your child has done everything they can to prepare. To help maintain their momentum, be on hand to provide meals and snacks and encourage them to take regular breaks. They might not want to move an inch from their computer for fear of missing out, but it’s important to have time away from their screen. Giving them a space that is quiet and free from distractions is really helpful too. 

4. Visit a Clearing Open Event

Clearing Open Events are usually held the weekend following results day, but a few universities, like Kent, will have early information events too. These are opportunities for your child to see if a university is right for them and can help them feel more confident about their decisions.

Don't worry if you’re unable to make the journey - there are many other ways for your child to get a feel for a place. Suggest that they look at a university’s social media accounts, such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Socials are great for flicking through videos and photos of student life, or your child could head to the university’s website where there might be a virtual tour of the campus. 

Come along to Kent's Clearing Information Event on 3 and 4 August 2022 to find out more about our courses, campus and the Clearing process. 

Campus tours and on-demand events

Choosing a university is a big decision, and we know it’s reassuring to see where your child might spend three or more years of their life. Our Clearing Information Event is now available to view online, and you can book to take a Campus Tour from Friday 19 August.


I felt very safe at Kent. Campus Security look out for you and will even walk you back to your room at night if you’re studying late in the library, for example. I was taken care of and that made the transition to university far easier.

Maria-Lore Haag, Cultural Studies and Media

Dates for your diary

From 5 July 2022


Most universities will publish their Clearing course vacancies online from 5 July 2022. If your child is having second thoughts about their course choice or is worried about grades, use the time before results day to look at other options.

18 August 2022

Results day

From 8am on 18 August 2022, your child should be able to see if they are in Clearing by logging into their UCAS Hub, or they can self-release to make themselves eligible. They can start applying for courses as soon as they have their results.

Receiving an offer

Some courses fill up quickly but remind your child to carefully consider any offer they are made. They will usually have 24 hours to make a decision. If they have questions, advise them to call us back. 

Accepting an offer

Make sure that your child has received their offer confirmation email and sent us any requested documentation. As soon as they’re ready, they need to add their Clearing choice to UCAS Hub. 


Congratulations, your child has a place at university for 2022! Relax and take time out to celebrate their hard work and achievements. Their chosen university will soon be in touch with their arrival information.   


19 September 2022

This is the start of the academic term. If your child applies after this date, they may still be considered in line with our registration deadline on Monday 17 October at 10:00.