Clearing guide for parents

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Clearing guide for parents

How to support your child through Clearing

2020 looks very different to how most of us imagined. As a result, for those planning to start a university degree this autumn, the wait for exam results may be even more stressful than usual. If your child is considering changing their plans or thinks they might need to use Clearing, we're here to help you prepare them ahead of results day.  

Clearing guide

Helpful tips for parents and carers supporting a child through Clearing.

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About Clearing

A guide for parents and carers

Planning ahead

On results day whatever the outcome you will want to support your child by remaining calm even if they can't. The best way to do that is to help them prepare in advance for all possibilities.    

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If your child is having second thoughts about their course choice or is worried about grades, help them find out as much as they can about other options that might suit them better.  


Get prepared

Don’t leave it until results day to find out how Clearing works. Once you and your child understand the process, help your child to create a Clearing plan for results day. Knowing what they have to do will help reduce the inevitable last-minute stress for your child – and you!  


On results day

Results are available via UCAS Track from 8am on Thursday 13 August. If your child doesn’t get the results they need and isn’t offered a place at any of their choices, they can put their Clearing plan into action.

From early morning on Thursday 13 August you can search all our available courses online, so start promptly. Once your child knows what course they're interested in they should contact us to secure a place.

Our Clearing hotline number is 01227 768896 and our institution number for their UCAS application is KS24. Applicants also need to know their own UCAS number.


Receiving an offer

Some courses do fill up quickly but remind your child that they can and should take time to think about any offer they are made. If they have questions you can’t answer, tell them to call us back.


Accepting their offer

Once your child decides they want to accept their offer there are things they must do to confirm their place. You can help them check the application process, making sure they’ve received their confirmation email and that they’ve sent the University everything it’s asked for.  



Congratulations, you've survived results day and your child has a place at university for 2020! Be sure to relax and take time out to celebrate your child's hard work and achievements.