Studying Classical Studies, Ancient History and Archaeology gives you a unique knowledge that is essential to interpret much of the world today, and transferable skills that are necessary for almost any career path.

Impressive prospects

In Classical & Archaeological Studies at Kent, students have discovered and developed these skills, both in class and through a range of fieldwork activities focused upon the ancient cities of Canterbury, Rome and Athens. 

Our students explore the rich ancient civilisations of Greece, Rome and Egypt, looking at theatre, medicine and astronomy, law, philosophy, arts, crafts and religion, politics and warfare of those times, but also their own heritage.

Our graduates have pursued a wide array of careers, from management and consulting to international relations, and from broadcasting to tourism and education, as well as careers with museums and archaeological trusts. 

We run a structured programme of employability initiatives including:

  • Archaeological fieldwork training excavations and survey over the summer vacation open to all Classical & Archaeological Studies students
  • Students also have the option to undertake an internship at a museum during the Spring term or during the Winter or Easter holidays
  • We offer training in post-excavation processing and analysis of finds during the Autumn term, open to all Classical & Archaeological Studies students
  • 'Classical Studies and Ancient History in the Classroom' is a module aimed at students who would like to follow a career in primary or secondary teaching, but is also suitable for those who would like to combine an academic course with work experience.