Graduate Profile: Michael Ivory, Classical And Archaeological Studies

Classical and Archaeological Studies alumnus, Michael Ivory, tells us what he has been doing since graduating from Kent in 2016.

What are you doing now?

I’m a Manager for Phoenix Search, an Irish and UK financial recruitment business.

What attracted you to your course, and to Kent?

My course was always my passion at college, I loved archaeology and the idea of studying ancient civilization and mythology at a high level excited me greatly. My main reasons for Kent were twofold: firstly the amazing all-in-one campus on the hill, and secondly, because Caesar founded Canterbury!

Which aspects of your degree did you enjoy the most, and why?

The lack of exams was a huge plus for me, I enjoyed learning through my essay research and seminar discussions much more than the few exams I had to revise for.

What impressed you most about our academic staff?

They had actually worked on international high-profile archaeological projects, some had first-hand post-doctoral experience from working in Egypt, Greece and Italy which gave them more credibility as professionals and experts in their fields.

Which skills/knowledge did you learn on your course that you use most now in your career?

I can honestly say that debating my point of view on a subject is probably the most valuable lesson I learned at university and from my course. Making sure I can back up an argument with solid evidence.

Are you still in touch with any of your fellow students?

I am indeed, although I am the only one I know of who pursued a career in finance.

Could you describe a typical day in your current role?

8.30: look at my to-do list and get ready for my morning videocall meeting.

9.00: catch up to speak about outstanding work and my plan for the day

9.00-13.00: various projects from sourcing candidates for clients to developing new business across the UK, Asia and Europe.

14.00-17.00: meetings with candidates and clients, while preparing presentations for pitches. 

18.00: write my to-do list for the next day and log off for dinner and a workout.

What are your future plans/aspirations?

Progress with my firm further and eventually become financially independent through investments and passive income.

What is your favourite memory of Kent? 

The friendships that I made and will cherish forever, and the freedom I felt on campus to study in the way which suited me best.

What advice would you give to somebody thinking of coming to Kent?

Join a club or sport that matters to you, no matter what course you do or how unfit you might be, playing a sport at Kent allows you to build such an amazing network and friendship group, you’ll never regret it.

How would you describe your time at Kent in three words?

An amazing experience.

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