Graduate profile: Karl Goodwin, Classical & Archaeological Studies PhD

Professor Sophia Labadi caught up with former PhD student, Karl Goodwin, who has recently landed a management role with English Heritage.

We’re thrilled to announce that our former Ph.D. student Karl Goodwin has just landed a new management role with English Heritage. Well done, Dr Goodwin! Karl completed his Ph.D. in Classical & Archaeological Studies this year under the supervision of Professor Sophia Labadi. Sophia asked him a few questions about his time at Kent for us.

What made you come to Kent?

“I originally came to Kent because it offered a course that ranged from ancient history, to archaeology, and to philosophy. I did a joint honours. I was really excited to study and experience a breadth of topics, eras, and cultures that Kent offered. Ultimately I chose to stay here for my MA and PhD because I always felt that there was more to gain from being at Kent.”

What programmes did you attend at the University of Kent?

“I did a BA in Classical & Archaeological Studies and Philosophy, a MA in Archaeology, and a PhD that examined the ways in which museums and heritage sites engage with ethnic diversity through their Roman displays. During my time at Kent I have explored many different aspects of eras as varied as the Iron Age, Roman period, Minoan period, and Late Antiquity. I also encountered a huge range of topics from archaeological and heritage ethics, to Iron Age metalwork, and the architecture of Hagia Sophia. I even studied pilgrimage, based on taking a week-long walk along the Via Francigena starting from Rome via the Centre for Heritage. I don’t think I would have had the chance to experience such a range of activities and topics anywhere else!”

Would you recommend Kent to prospective students? Why?

“Absolutely! The Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies is full of experts who are more than happy to discuss their ideas. There is also a real range of topics you can choose from so it feels as though your modules and course mould around what you want to study and explore.”

What have you done since getting your PhD?

“Since passing my PhD I have started working for English Heritage as the Territory Volunteer Manager for its southern region. In this role, I support the volunteer programmes across many pay-to-enter sites in Kent, Sussex, and London (to name a few), which offers me a channel to continue my passion to advocate, and demonstrate, that heritage can be a really positive tool for social cohesion and a force for good – a perception born from my time at Kent!”

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