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What can I do with my degree in Marketing?

Further study

The proportion of Business and Marketing graduates going on to further academic study is relatively low when compared with all UK graduates as a whole. Most Marketing graduates are keen to get out into the world of work and put their skills and knowledge into practice.

Professional qualifications are usually more valued by employers in this sector than further academic study. You are likely to have the opportunity for professional development and to complete professional qualifications offered by organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing or the Institute of Data & Marketing.

Other careers, some, such as teaching or law, will require further study for a relevant professional qualification. In some careers, such as journalism, a postgraduate degree is not a requirement, but may be an advantage, while there are many careers that will put more emphasis on personal skills than on academic qualifications.

The job profiles section of the Prospects website will tell you whether postgraduate study is essential, useful or not needed for a specific career.

There are many reasons for choosing to continue into postgraduate study. Whatever your motivation, you need to consider issues such as your suitability, funding options for postgraduate study and research the options available to you to enable a fully informed decision to be made.



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