What can I do with a degree in Journalism?

Find out where the range of skills you develop studying journalism can take you. Here we list potential careers and tell you how you can find a job in this sector.

Journalism Careers

The occupations listed below are a selection of those which may interest students and graduates from the Centre for Journalism.

Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Journalists research, compile and present news items for television, radio and the internet.  Duties and responsibilities vary depending on the media in which the Broadcast Journalist works.

Prospects Job Profile: Broadcast Journalist
All About Careers Website Job Profile: Broadcast Journalist

Broadcast Presenter

Broadcast Presenters are the public face or voice of programmes on television, radio or the internet.  They present news information in an accessible and appropriate way for the tone of the programme.

Prospects Job Profile: Broadcast Presenter
TARGET Jobs Website: Broadcast Presenter

Editorial Assistant

Editorial Assistants provide support through all stages of publication for books, journals, magazines, websites and newsletters.  This role supports senior editorial staff in all areas of the publication process.

Prospects Job Profile: Editorial Assistant
TARGET Jobs Website: Editorial Assistant

Magazine Journalist

Magazine Journalists research, interview and write news articles and features for publications including consumer titles, customer magazines and trade publications.

Prospects Job Profile: Magazine Journalist
Jobs.ac.uk Job Profile: Staff Writer/Magazine Journalist

TARGET Jobs Website: Magazine Journalist

Newspaper Journalist

Newspaper Journalists gather information, research and write articles on various topics for inclusion in newspapers. This could be local, regional or national press.

Prospects Job Profile: Newspaper Journalist

Press Photographer

A Press Photographer takes photographs to record events and lifestyle stories using the best images to support the printed word.

Prospects Job Profile: Press Photographer
TARGET Jobs Profile: Press Photographer

Programme Researcher

Programme Researchers work with the Producer and Production team.  They can be involved with contributing ideas, sourcing contacts and verifying information.

Prospects Job Profile: Programme Researcher
All About Careers Jobs Website: Programme Researcher

Public Relations Officer

PR officers use a variety of media and communication channels to build, maintain and manage the reputation of their clients.

Prospects Job Profile: Public Relations Officer
TARGET Jobs Website: Public Relations Officer

Press Sub-Editor

Press Sub-Editors are responsible for checking the written text of publications.  They are concerned with grammar, spelling and the tone and style of the work.

Prospects Job Profile: Press Sub-Editor

Publishing Copy-Editor/Proofreader

Publishing Copy-Editors or Proofreaders work across a range of publications.  They are concerned with the clarity, quality and consistency of the writing as well as ensuring that it is credible and complete.

Prospects Job Profile: Publishing Copy-Editor/Proofreader

Radio Broadcast Assistant

Radio Broadcast Assistants support Programme Producers and Presenters to ensure the smooth running of the show.  They can be involved in planning, researching, producing and administrating radio programmes.

Prospects Job Profile: Radio Broadcast Assistant

Radio Producer

Radio Producers are involved in the entire process of radio programme productions, from conception through to production as well as in the commercial and business management aspects.

Prospects Job Profile: Radio Producer

Please note that some of these careers may require further study.

For further information on these careers, see also:

Other careers

A Journalism degree may be useful in the following career areas:

Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Copywriters work with client briefs to devise, develop and produce advertising campaigns.  They work alongside Art Directors and creative departments in advertising or media agencies.

Prospects Job Profile: Advertising Copywriter
Creativepool Website Job Profile: Advertising Copywriter
TARGET Jobs Website Job Profile: Advertising Copywriter

Advertising Account Executive 

Advertising Account Executives act as a link between the client and agency.  They are responsible for the coordination of advertising campaigns and communicating with all those involved.

Prospects Job Profile: Advertising Account Executive
National Careers Service Website Job Profile: Advertising Account Executive
All About Careers Website Job Profile: Advertising Account Executive

Marketing Executive

Marketing executives develop marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. It is a varied role that includes planning, advertising, public relations, event organisation, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research. 

Prospects Job Profile: Marketing Executive
TARGET Jobs Website Job Profile: Marketing Executive

Digital Copywriter

Digital Copywriters produce the written content and copy for webpages.  Working with clients their job is to engage the reader to encourage them to buy products and services.

Prospects Job Profile: Digital Copywriter
Creativepool Website Job Profile: Digital Copywriter

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketers are involved in communication strategies across a number of platforms and methods.  They will be involved in social media marketing, mobile marketing, SEO amongst others.

Prospects Job Profile: Digital Marketer

Freelance Writer

Writers are involved in the creation of non-fiction and fiction.  This could be in a large variety of formats ranging from web content to poetry and beyond.

Prospects Job Profile: Freelance Writer
Creativepool Website Job Profile: Freelance Writer

Media Buyer/Planner

Media Buyers are concerned with advertising space and airtime.  They negotiate, purchase and monitor on behalf of clients and aim to reach the highest number of people for the lowest cost.

Media Planners identify the most suitable media platform for clients to use to advertise their product or brand.

Prospects Job Profile: Media Buyer
Prospects Job Profile: Media Planner
Creativepool Website Job Profile: Media Planner/Buyer

Technical Writer

A Technical Writer communicates technical information about products and services in an accessible way.  This could be for instruction manuals, user guides, training guides or online instructions.

Prospects Job Profile: Technical Author
TARGET Jobs Website Profile: Technical Author
Creativepool Website Job Profile: Technical Author

Public Affairs Consultant

Sometimes referred to as Lobbyists, Public Affairs Consultants use their knowledge of the political system to offer advice to clients about politics and public policy.

Prospects Job Profile: Public Affairs Consultant
All About Careers Website Job Profile: Public Affairs Consultant

University Lecturer

As well as teaching through lectures and seminars, academic staff in higher education also carry out research and a wide range of administrative and pastoral tasks. Although a teaching qualification is not always required, you will need a higher degree, normally a PhD. Competition is strong for entry-level academic posts.

Prospects Job Profile: Higher Education Lecturer
TARGET Jobs Profile: Higher Education Lecturer

You may be interested in graduate roles outside of Journalism. There are many employers who are looking for graduates with good degrees but that don’t have a preference for the subject studied. To explore different career options see:

Skills gained

As well as their subject-specific knowledge and skills, a graduate in Journalism will typically have the ability to:

  • Gather, organise and deploy information, images and data
  • Engage critically with major practitioners, debates and paradigms within the subject area and put them to productive use
  • Carry out various forms of research
  • Reflect upon the relevance of your own cultural commitment and positioning to the practice of journalism.
  • Complete close analysis
  • Consider and evaluate your own work
  • Present information in a variety of ways
  • Work to deadlines
  • Work productively in a group or team
  • Use IT to perform a range of tasks
  • Identify and define problems, assess possible solutions and discriminate between them

This is not an exhaustive list of skills – you will develop many skills from your course, extra-curricular activities and work experience. 

Find a job

The Careers and Employability Service provides information and advice on job searching to University of Kent students and recent graduates. This includes a vacancy database advertising a range of graduate jobs, sandwich placements and vacation work/internships. The websites listed below may also be useful when searching for a job and when looking for further information on this sector. 

Useful websites

  • Data Driven Journalism is a hub for industry professionals who use data in the service of journalism
  • Greatreporter.com showcases and syndicates the work of professional reporters and photographers, worldwide.

More websites offering graduate jobs, internships and placement years

You may also find useful reviews and application/interview tips for specific organisations on the following websites:
The Job Crowd

Further study

At the University of Kent the NCTJ (National Council for the Training of Journalists) Diploma in Journalism is studied alongside the undergraduate course and this training is highly regarded by employers within the journalism industry. Some Journalism graduates do go on to take further training at postgraduate level.  This could be to gain specialist knowledge in a particular area that could support them in their journalism career, for example business, politics, law, international relations.

For those looking to move into other career areas, options for further study could include teachinglawmarketing and public relations.

More information on postgraduate study

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