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Discover what being a Kent student is all about.

Our students are diverse, passionate and independent, and our award-winning support and inspirational teachers make sure they are at the heart of everything we do.

Student support

Our dedicated Student Support Team is responsible for providing all taught and research students (UG and PG) with a range of support services. 

The Division of Natural Sciences is fortunate to have created an experienced team from across all subjects within the Division and bring knowledge and true understanding of all our students as well as our programmes, systems and policies. 

The team is here to support our students and enable them to realise your potential, by offering advice on pastoral, personal health and welfare concerns. 

Students also have access to mentors and a personal academic adviser, and we can offer extra individual support by working closely with the central Student Support and Wellbeing team.


Within the Division we have a dedicated employability team who support students on a day to day basis and with any placements. 

We also have the careers and employabilty services who run events such as improving your CV and how to be assertive. 

Every year there is the employability festival where the Careers and Employability Service; Academic Schools and Professional Services come together to offer presentations, workshops, guest speakers, industry experts and fairs.

When you start at Kent, we hold ‘meet and mingle’ events to help you settle into life here and meet your new fellow students. You can also join – or even set up – a student-run society, which provides a great opportunity to meet up with those who share your passion for science. 

Kent Union and societies

Kent Union is a charity, independent of the university, which acts as the voice of all Kent students. A students' union is responsible for supporting students during their time at university and to make sure their voice is heard.  

Biosciences to Bridgerton

Alumna Catriona tells us how the scientific skills and knowledge she gained from her biosciences degree helped her into a career in costume design.

Meet the team

Candis is the Student Success and Attainment Manager for NATS. Her role is to ensure there are a variety of events to make your experience at the University of Kent as enjoyable, enriching, and memorable as possible. 

Mari is the Student Experience Coordinator. Her role is to help organise events, reviewing Module evaluations, and hosting Student Voice Forums to ensure the student voice is heard.

Candis and Mari are based in Ingram G20 (Reception) so please do drop by if you need anything!

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