School of Arts' Graduate Theatre Company, halucid_, secure funding from Screen South

School of Arts’ Graduate Theatre Company, halucid_, has been successful in securing funding as part of Screen South‘s ‘New Creatives’ scheme.

Halucid_ was first founded in 2018 by Molly Young, Producer and Head of Engagement, Adam Glen, Director and Head of Technology, and Philip Ofe, Writer and Social Media Representative. The three met during their undergraduate degree, all studying BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre, and created their first production, 4am. During the first lockdown in March 2020, halucid_ collaborated on their second performance, What the remnants make. The team at halucid_ explain, “This filmic performance explored the prospect of waiting for happiness through four autobiographical stories. Using the confinement of our front room, we questioned our relationship with happiness and waiting for the future in a world that was individual and lonesome to most at the time.

After graduating in 2020, halucid_ applied to be part of the School of Arts’ Graduate Theatre Company scheme, and were successful in their application. We caught up with Molly, Adam and Philip to find out more.

Congratulations on securing funding from Screen South! How did this come about?

Molly: Since achieving residency at the University of Kent, we have been successful in receiving funding and support from Screensouth. In Oct/Nov we applied for Screensouth’s ‘New Creatives’ scheme, and pitched their team an idea we had about an interactive film. They liked the idea and agreed to be our production partner and fund the project. Although the second and third lockdowns have been a challenge, we have been busy writing scripts, collaborating with professionals and learning as much as we can. The film will be released this year, specific date TBC.

How do you feel your time at Kent prepared you to start halucid_?

Molly: One of the main reasons for enrolling at Kent was the abundance of opportunities and support from the academics. On my open day I found out about wild modules, years in industries and the Graduate Theatre Scheme and was impressed by what Kent had to offer. Three years and a degree later, I have been exposed to an array of subjects, artists, practices and different types of theatre. Most importantly, I have been challenged to reconsider and reinvent what art meant for me. This lesson has proven to be most valuable living and creating work in a world like today. Art and theatre have been called into question, and artists and practitioners have had to reinvent, re-think, and evolve. This is a challenge I am prepared for, and I am excited to see what art we create.

Philip: I was able to make connections and perform with the people I clicked with the most. Being at Kent, I was able to observe other companies that were formed there and they were friendly and helpful with how to run a company.

Adam: Kent made me a more competent artist, an artist that is confident in their work and recognises how an idea can become something considerably bigger than themselves. It offered me the resources and information to produce informed pieces of work that dug deeper into concepts I would never have explored otherwise. It prepared, and humbled me by the vast amount of research that informs the art I appreciate, and I have followed that lesson and continue it with halucid_.

Are you able to give us a little insight into what your interactive film is about?

Molly: We can’t share too much information about the film unfortunately, but I can tell you that the interactive film is a one time one experience set on a date, that explores themes of love and racism.

You can keep up to date with the latest news over on halucid_’s website, and Instagram.

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