B.A. M.Sc.

Anske Bax is a PhD candidate in Kent School of Architecture and Planning at the University of Kent, conducting research on Monastic Heritage, Architectural Conservation and Architectural Reconstruction. He studied Archaeology at the University of Durham from 2008 to 2011. In the following 5 years he went on to working in the heritage and tourism sector, establishing numerous cultural tours from London and across the globe from over 30 countries. In 2017 Anske studied Architectural Conservation part-time at the University of Kent, where he was awarded the Master of Science with Distinction in 2019. In the same year he was awarded the Vice Chancellor Scholarship for PhD Research at the Kent School of Architecture and Planning, in recognition of academic excellence. 

During the academic year 2019-20, apart from conducting his research, he was also responsible for teaching Heritage Studies in the University of Kent as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. Following Anske’s academic career, he has a wide experience of working in and involvement in the built conservation and archaeological environment. Prior to this, Anske has worked in and contributed to archaeological research sites including Durham and York. His recent and regular participation as a member of the British Archaeological Association provides a unique window of opportunity for his current Research. 

Research interests

PhD Title

The Afterlife of An English Monastery: St Radegund’s Abbey 

Anske’s PhD project focuses on the reconstruction and significance of monastic architecture, with specific interest in the post-dissolution contribution to English Architecture. His research interests include architectural conservation, recording and visualisation of lost fabric and understanding its significance.  


Anske is a Graduate Teaching Assistant for Stage 2 BA (Hons) Architecture module AR544, Renaissance to Neoclassicism and Stage 1 BA (Hons) Architecture module AR324, Ancient and Medieval Architecture.


First Supervisor: Dr Nikolaos Karydis
Second Supervisor: Dr Manolo Guerci 

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