Portrait of Howard Griffin

Howard Griffin

Senior Lecturer
Programme Director: MA Architectural Visualisation
Director of Graduate Studies (PGT)


Howard Griffin has been involved with architecture and animation for 20 years. A graduate of the School of Architecture at London South Bank University, he quickly developed skills in architectural presentation and animation in local authority architectural practice and later in private practice. He further developed his skills in animation and film, graduating from the Sir John Cass School of Art with a Masters in Digital Moving Image. During this time he has worked on films and animations such as Lucky, Fading Memories and World on Fire.

Howard is Director of the MA Architectural Visualisation programme, a course which allows students to focus on the visual communication of architectural form, space and time. This work extends across a number of disciplines, including architecture, film, art, media, urban studies and photography. The course also engages with Digital Heritage, using VR technologies to connect with lost historic buildings and spaces.

Howard is currently reading a PhD looking at the perceptual effects that projection mapping can have on the interpretation of architectural and urban space. Much of this research is expressed through live installations, ranging in scale, location and style.

Research interests

  • The links between architecture and film; the representation and use of architecture in film; the use of film and visualisation in architecture
  • Virtual architecture and digital space; looking at the form and space of virtual worlds and cyberspace
  • The architecture and symbolism of Freemasonry in England


Module CodeModule TitleInformation
AR821Film and ArchitectureModule Convenor
AR822Virtual CitiesModule Convenor
AR845Independent Research ProjectModule Convenor
AR846Architectural PhotographyModule Convenor
AR849Digital Architecture PortfolioModule Convenor


Photographic Exhibitions

  • Romeo & Juliet (2004) Canterbury
  • Contra el Grano (2005) Barcelona

Animated / Film Work

  • World on Fire (2004)
  • Disco Geezer (2004)
  • Space Boy (2005)
  • Lucky (2005)
  • Beverley Jones (2006)
  • Fading Memories (2009)



  • Lovell, J. and Griffin, H. (2018). Fairy tale tourism: the architectural projection mapping of magically real and irreal festival lightscapes. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events [Online]:1-15. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1080/19407963.2018.1556674.
    This paper explores how established light festivals such as the Fête des Lumières in Lyon and Lumiere in Durham were first conceived by Robert-Houdin as illusory illuminations in the Loire in the 1950s. The research investigates the concept of spectacles as inversions of reality; re-situating light works within authenticity theory by exploring their manipulation of magical reality and irreality. The research uses the authors’ experience of event design to assess different interactions of light with the tri-dimensional architectural canvas, suggesting three classifications of animated projection mapping events: architecturally passive, architecturally physically active and architecturally metaphysically active. Each category has implications for how spectators perceive these installations. Architecturally passive events may use fairy tale content, evoking atavistic and affective responses, the ‘skinning’ of buildings with magical reality is designed to evoke perceptual duality, and the wobbling unfolding of irreality may ultimately create a state of ‘illuminated flow.’
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