Diamond anniversary orchard


Diamond Anniversary Orchard

The University of Kent celebrates its 60th birthday in 2025, so most undergraduates starting this year will graduate in our Diamond Anniversary year!

To celebrate the anniversary and the class of 2025, this winter we are planting an orchard of over 300 fruit trees. Our hope is that students can help to develop the orchard and watch it grow with them over their time at university, and that by 2025 it is a fully complete and flourishing space, leaving a lasting legacy.

We are so excited about this project, and we're planning a series of events for students to get involved. This is just the beginning of the journey, with many memories yet to make.

Orchard Planting (Wednesday 1st February 2023 tbc)

To help us plant the 300 trees we are running two planting sessions to get them all in the ground.

Each session will begin with a briefing and a quick tutorial, in pairs or groups you will dig, plant and secure the trees. 

Places are limited so please sign up using the links below

Orchard Launch Event

During Welcome Week 2022, we held an event to launch the Diamond Anniversary Orchard project. 

Students were invited to the future orchard site, to explore the space and hear about the project, enjoy a Kentish picnic and live music, and watch a ceremonial planting of 6 fruit trees, one for each division.

Attendees were asked to suggest ideas of how the orchard space should develop, and to create designs of what it could look like. We collated their submissions to create a summary report, linked below.

Anniversary Orchard Project Timeline

What are the key stages in this project and how can you get involved


Launch event - Welcome Week 2022

We launched the project by finding out what you want to see the space develop. The Sustainability and Landscape & Grounds team then used these ideas to create the planting plan for the orchard.


Planting event - Wednesday 1st February 2023 tbc

Come along and help us to plant the 300 trees in the orchard. We need volunteers to help dig, plant and stake the trees. Details on how to get involved can be found at the top of this page


Spring 2023 event

We are hoping to hold our first of many different sessions in the space in spring 2023. We are planning workshops, talks, guided walks and some basic surveying. Deatils on how to get involved will be coming soon.