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Your Progress Profile is ready to view

What are Progress Profiles?

A Progress Profile is a new document that shows a snapshot of your progress. We make you two progress profiles per term. We have made these so that you have an easy way to see how you are doing. The best person to discuss your Progress Profile with is your Academic Advisor.

How to find my Progress Profile?

Simply go to MyFolio.

Things to remember!

This is not an official document that can be used to evidence your studies! Your final grades are calculated very carefully and take concessions and other factors into account. (If you need an official document, please speak to the Central Student Records Office, who will be able to advise you.)

Do not worry if you have recently submitted work that is not shown in this document. Progress Profiles show your progress on the day they are generated. Sometimes a recent mark has not been released when we generate this document. Your Student Data System (SDS) page is the best place to check for up to date information on your marks. A fresh Progress Profile will be generated for you twice a term. You will be able to see all your previous Progress Profiles in MyFolio.

Help us get better

We want to know what you think about Progress Profiles; if you found them useful or if they were not useful! The first version is quite simple, covering attendance and attainment. We aim to refine and extend Progress Profile content over time so your thoughts about how they can help you are important to us.

If you have any feedback on this system, please take a moment to tell us. Simply click the feedback link on MyFolio ( or you can email us at

We hope that this is useful for you, and wish you all the best in your studies.

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