Student Immigration

All you need to know about VISAs and studying

Immigration Permission checks


As a Tier 4 Sponsor, the University must ensure that all students requiring a visa have valid immigration permission to study with us. We have listed below some of the instances where the University will need to see your current and valid immigration document. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.






You must present us with your entry clearance sticker or Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) card which represents your current immigration status and entitles you to study at the University of Kent. We will retain a copy of this for our records and will expect to be updated by you if this document changes.

If you have applied for a visa from within the UK but haven't received it yet you may still be allowed to register for your course. You will have to provide evidence to show you applied for a visa before your previous leave expired.

Switching visa categories:

If you are switching from the visa category you originally registered at the University with you must infrom the Student Immigration Compliance Team that you have made a valid application under a different category and keep the Team informed on the progress and outcome of such an application.

If your application is successful you must provide us with evidence of your new immigration status. If you were registered as a Tier 4 student and are no longer under the Tier 4 category, the University will withdraw sponsorship. It is very important that you co-operate and act honestly in all dealings with the University.

Visa delay:

If you are waiting for the outcome of a recent visa application, you must bring a photocopy of your passport and documents proving you have made a valid visa application to study with us. If you have shown us a valid visa application at the time of registration, we will expect to see the visa as soon as it is issued. Please note, the Home Office does not send us a copy of the decision or your BRP therefore you cannot assume that we have this in our records.

You should present your BRP and passport to the Registry Student Reception as soon as you receive it back from the Home Office. If you are a Tier 4 student, failure to provide these documents or to respond to our emails can lead to the University withdrawing its Tier 4 sponsorship of you. This means that you will no longer be a registered student at the University of Kent.

Your immigration status is your responsibility. You must ensure that you make a valid application, obtain your visa in time and maintain your immigration status throughout your studies.

Visa/Passport Expiry:

It is your responsibility to provide the University with your current and valid passport and visa.You must inform the Student Immigration Compliance Team of any changes to these documents while you are a registered student at Kent.

The Student Immigration Compliance Team monitor the passport and visa expiry dates of all students requiring a visa. The Team will contact you, on your Kent email address, as a reminder that you must bring in your new passport and visa as soon as you have it. It is also important that you let us know that you are in the process of applying for a new passport or visa renewal and have the relevant evidentiary documentation available. You will be required to bring in your new passport/visa once it's approved to the Registry Student Reception so that we can scan it to your record.

Please note that it is your responsibility to respond to all requests by the University to present in person, your passport, visa and other documentation for scanning.

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