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Exams 2024 - what to expect

If you have exams at Kent in May or June 2024, you can now view your exam timetable in KentVision. See how to view your exam timetable.

This page outlines what you can expect from exams this year, including technical guidance if you have online exams, events, wellbeing advice and revisions tips. 

If these pages don't answer your questions, your Divisional Team is on hand to help or you can email exams@kent.ac.uk

Best of luck - you've got this! 

Exams timeline


Revision and support

Your School and Academic Advisors will provide you lots of resources to help you revise. And the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) have plenty of revision guides as well as preparation events


Exam Adjustments

You can apply for adjusted exam arrangements using these links for religious observance or adjust your ILP.


Exam timetables released

If you have exams at Kent in May or June 2024, you can now view your exam timetable in KentVision.


What to do the night before

Calm last minute nerves with our night before the exam checklist.


What to do during the exam

Tips on how to calm any worries during the exam.


Results days

Our exams results webpage tells you how to view your results, how to read your transcript, and answers Frequently Asked Questions.



Prepare to return if you need to resit exams.



Find your graduation date and how to prepare for the big day! 

Where can I get support?

Staff at the University and Kent Union are on hand to help, including:

Not sure where to start? Ask Nexus and they can point you in the right direction. 

Support events