Returning Registration

All continuing students must complete returning registration via KentVision every year.

What is Returning Registration?

Returning Registration is the act of re-registering yourself as a student for each year of your studies.

It is essential to register your intention to study at the University of Kent for the next academic year.

Returning registration should not be confused with Online Module Registration.

New students (Stage 1) and Masters students who studied their Bachelor's degree at the University of Kent should complete enrolment, not Returning Registration.

How do I complete Returning Registration?

Returning Registration for the academic year 2021/2022 will open from Friday 10 September 2021. You will be contacted via your Kent email with instructions on how to complete it via KentVision. Please view our how to complete Returning Registration page for step by step guidance.

If you are funded by Student Finance England, completing Returning Registration will usually trigger your funding payments.

If you are unable to register due to an outstanding debt or finance flag on your record, you should contact the Income Office for assistance. We also have guidance on how to complete Finance registration.

Please note that fee payment does not mean you are registered.

When is the deadline for completing Returning Registration?

The Returning Registration deadline for the academic year 2021/2022 is Monday 18 October 2021.

In order to ensure swift payment of your student loan, please ensure you re-register online by 4pm on Wednesday 22 September to receive your maintenance payments on the first day of term, Monday 27 September 2021. It takes three to five working days from the point of registration for funds to be released to your account by the Student Loan Company. 

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