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I joined SSPSSR as a Lecturer in Social Policy in August 2015. Prior to this I held teaching and research positions at the Open University, University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University. My teaching and research interests straddle social policy and urban social geography. Before undertaking my PhD I worked in policy and practice in the voluntary sector, working on issues of neighbourhood regeneration and social exclusion.

PhD Human Geography, thesis ‘Making Public Space, Community Groups and Local Participation in Stoke-on-Trent’, The Open University
MA Anthropology and Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, London
BA English and French, Joint Hons, University of Oxford

Contact Information


Room Gillingham 3-07
Gillingham Building
University of Kent
Chatham Maritime
Kent ME4 4AG

My office hours are Mondays 14.00-16.00; other times by appointment

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Total publications in KAR: 24 [See all in KAR]
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Research Interests

My research concerns shifting relations between social policy frameworks and citizens, with a focus on marginalised urban neighbourhoods, in two areas:

  • how families, children and young people interact with welfare systems, with a focus on early childhood
  • modes of collective action within disadvantaged urban communities, including activism, community action and volunteering.

My research draws particularly on feminist theory and frameworks to bring issues of care, emotions, identities and the embodied interactions of everyday life into view within social policy governance. This was explored in my recent book , Emotional States: sites and spaces of affective governance (Jupp, Pykett and Smith, 2017, Routledge), and will be further developed in relation to ‘home’ in a forthcoming book Home In Times of Crisis (Jupp, Bowlby and Franklin, forthcoming), which draws on an ESRC seminar series for which I was PI (see

My current research is focusing on austerity and service cuts, and how communities respond. I have recently been exploring this in relation to Sure Start Children’s Centres in Medway and Oxfordshire, funded by a Social Sciences Faculty Research Grant.

I am interested in hearing from potential PhD students in any of the following areas: urban and neighbourhood policy and practice; activism, community action and volunteering; emotions and identities in welfare governance; austerity; childhood and family services.

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I currently convene and teach the following modules:

  • SA550 Principles and Practice of Social Policy
  • SA551 Key Welfare Issues
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Save our Sure Starts animation

Sure Start Children’s Centres were set up under the Labour government (1997-2010) to provide neighbourhood spaces for children under five and their parents. They have been a particular victim of austerity cuts, with nearly 1,000 centres closing in England and Wales since 2010. During 2017, I undertook research on Sure Start Children’s Centre closures in two local authority areas, looking at the political decision-making surrounding closures, and also how communities respond. In Medway, Kent, I interviewed mothers who came forward when centres were under threat of closure in 2017 to tell their ‘stories’ about the importance of the centres in their lives. These stories were concerned with the often hidden aspects of motherhood – isolation, loneliness, and mental and physical health.

This animation was made in order to make some of these hidden stories visible to a wider audience and to show the importance of the centres, especially in supporting mothers, at a time when the centres are under threat nationally. The animation was made via the Digital Media Hub at the University of Kent, by two students on the BA Digital Arts programme, Eleana Gabriel and Yee Hui Wong. The research was funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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